Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

Le CollectiveM takes a personal approach to help its clients achieve their strategies and goals. It is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency with the highest levels of professionalism and experience. It aims is to amplify brand awareness and drive demand/engagement. We find out more as it wins its title in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards. Best Hospitality Communications Agency 2023 – USA As an integrated marketing communications agency for restaurants, bars and hotels, LCM promotes its clients through social media, creative programming and strategic partnerships. Navigating the sometimes tricky media landscape became even more of a challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The company had to be even more creative in its interactions with the media, and when executing client events. It actuated use of zoom for meetings, and cautiously navigated many staffing changes at friendly publications. It had to be sensitive to the fact stories were changing and adjust its pitching strategies accordingly. LCM also had to counsel its clients to manage their expectations. LCM is a diverse and inclusive agency, offering equal opportunities to all. It likes to lead by example, normalising having women in leadership positions. It hopes to inspire other organisations in the industry to do the same. LCM is excited to be building its portfolio in NYC, the Hamptons and beyond. It now has a footprint in Florida and is looking to expand its hospitality clients in Palm Beach and the Keys. The company is also planning to offer more digital marketing services so it can further grow its social media division. Le CollectiveM has been awarded the title of Best Hospitality Communications Agency 2023 – USA. With its ever-growing portfolio of clients, it is little wonder this worthy agency is now an award winner. It has new customers ready and waiting, such is the demand for its terrific communications expertise. Contact: Melanie Weitzner Company: Le CollectiveM Web Address: e CollectiveM (LCM) is a modern communications agency based in New York and the Hamptons. Launched in 2020, its specialists share a passion for wellness, beauty, design, food & beverage, and world travel. It has clients based on the East Coast for whom it markets and provides brand awareness. As a business, LCM seeks to provide a sense of belonging and a company culture where every voice is heard. The level of support extends from management to colleagues and onwards, ensuring everyone can do their best work and contribute to the success of the organisation. In the last 2.5 years, the agency has evolved from what started out as a 4-person team to a group of 15 talented individuals. This has meant a stronger emphasis has been placed on the development and continued education of employees. Recently, some of the team undertook a WSET Level 1 wine certification course. This has allowed staff to gain a greater understanding of the wine industry, which in turn will provide better service to certain clients. LCM is a fully remote company, but it is determined to ensure that company culture is a high priority. It wants team members to be able to establish relationships and participate in experiences with each other. It feels this helps them to increase their dossier of skills and education. Last December LCM took key team members to Miami’s Art Basel. This both helped them to better understand the art and design sector and ideate new ways of creatively innovating for clients. Le CollectiveM goes above and beyond to guarantee its remote working atmosphere is the happiest and most productive it can be. Its team is encouraged to participate in monthly 101 sessions, enabling them to learn a breadth of information around a relevant skill or subject. Past examples include a public speaking course with NBC television, as well as sessions on social media and the art world. There are also weekly work-in-person days, monthly dinners at top NYC restaurants, and team building cultural activities. The team is keen to establish a philanthropic association with an animal-based organisation it is passionate about. There is also use of a house in Sag Harbor in July. This is to allow staff members to immerse themselves in their clients’ media landscape out East. L