Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

66 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 Best Yakiniku Style Restaurant 2023 – Chiba Hormone Yakiniku Hayabusa is a Japanese restaurant specialising in grilled meat. It uses special charcoal fire and serves 22 kinds of homemade seasonings. The restaurant offers extraordinary hospitality and employs chefs, including its owner, who possess vast experience in craft and knifework. Here we explore its services as it wins a title in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2023. Hayato Suda is the owner and chef of a Yakiniku restaurant in Chiba, Japan. He is a self-made man, having dropped out of high school as an adolescent. He does not consider this a drawback though, if anything it is what set him on the right path for his journey towards the restaurant trade. As he was gifted with talking to people, he began his life in the industry from a sales perspective. He had brains, a good work ethic, and the will to succeed. He also had a dream about how he wanted to progress in life. That is why at the age of 30 Hayato Suda opened his first restaurant known as Hayabusa Hormone. This was an essential learning experience for the young chef, even if not the immediate success he desired. Drawing on his many years growing up in a world full of warmth and friendliness, Hayato persevered. With hard work and good fortune, he turned the restaurant into a thriving business. He had achieved everything he could have hoped for, with happy customers and staff, and a good life. Hayato Suda was supremely satisfied with his life. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This put the chef in a difficult situation. Conventional wisdom failed him, but luckily the enforced break from work brought new ideas to the fore. He began watching a video sharing platform, and this is what sparked thoughts of a potential new project. Watching the hard working and talented people he followed on-screen made him excited to try something different himself. 2 years ago, he closed Hayabusa Hormone and opened up his current venue Hormone Yakiniku Hayabusa. He got married to a woman from the restaurant and started a family. Now they run Hormone Yakiniku Hayabusa together as a couple. Hayato Suda is the first to admit that his ambitions have downsized. This is no bad thing though, because he feels that walking the middle ground is what is providing him with the happiest of emotions. Since opening his new restaurant, Hayato Suda has experienced kindness from all walks of life. It has made him realise what is really important, and that bigger is not necessarily always better. Instead, he works comfortably to the best of his abilities, cherishes his time with family, and values each and every customer. It is his intention to make his restaurant a pleasurable and memorable experience for everyone who visits. Hormone Yakiniku Hayabusa achieves excellence by never compromising. It is also run by a small number of elite people. This is important because no matter how good they are, Hayato Suda believes that it is better to run things with an elite team, innovate, correct failures, and generate new ideas together. Hormone Yakiniku Hayabusa has been awarded Best Yakiniku Style Restaurant 2023 – Chiba. This honour identifies the venue as a wonderful place to eat out in East Tokyo and is testament to the craft of the workers who prepare the food with time and skill. Next up, Hayato Suda has an ambition to introduce the world to yakiniku sauce, which the team currently sells exclusively by mail order. Contact: Hayato Suda Company: Momiji LLC Web Address: