Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

68 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 mar Khayam is one the oldest established Indian restaurant in Birmingham having traded under the same name since 1982. Not only that, but the company has in essence existed under the same concept, with the same recipes in use since the initial restaurant opened in 1963. It is proud of its consistency with excellent food quality, customer service and standards. It is more than just another restaurant in the local area, it is an institution. Its story goes back to the pioneering times of curry first being introduced to the British palate. Nowadays its menu is combined with fresh British ingredients, giving the restaurant’s fare a western twist. Its top selling dishes are bound to keep any curry lovers happy with recipes that have been firmly established, remain consistent and work time after time. These classics are improved as and when appropriate, but Omar Khayam thinks it is important to remain true to the original recipes as much as it possibly can. It does not try to reinvent the wheel. If the flavours work, it does not deviate as it feels it is vital to keep the classics alive. Its customers can rely on their favourite dishes unchanging and hitting the quality mark every time. Working in the restaurant world can be challenging, with profit margins often tight, but Omar Khayam stands resolute in its intentions to price fairly. It does not reduce its quality or portion sizes, rather it adjusts its prices only according to the costs of raw materials in the current market. Its long-standing staff are trained to maintain consistency, and unite as a happy team, keeping it real and keeping up the high quality of the food they make. Last year Omar Khayam’s founder and owner Mr Rama Kanta Dey sadly passed away. This has left a significant gap in the business, the restaurant Best Casual Indian Restaurant 2023 – West Midlands & LUX Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 The oldest Indian restaurant group in Birmingham, Omar Khayam, is a historically important curry pioneer with city links dating back to 1963. The restaurant maintains consistent quality and flavourful food for its loyal customers, using top quality British ingredients with no artificial colours or additives. Its kitchen uses spices freshly ground on site to produce the delicious classic curries it has become synonymous with. and the neighbourhood. He is much missed by family, colleagues, and his loyal customers, and has left a void in the industry generally. Of course, this was alongside the challenges the company also faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making things twice as hard. Mr Rama Kanta Dey was the man who founded and operated the original restaurant group since 1963 and of course Omar Khayam since 1982 carrying it successfully to his last day. Omar Khayam is proud of its positive impact on the area, and its positive reviews received online and face to face from loyal customers. This kind of interaction makes it clear to everyone just how important the restaurant is to local people, and what it means to them. It’s not a Michelin star restaurant, or a chain, but it is loved by its customers and important to the famed history of curry establishments in Birmingham. It’s an institution that can be celebrated for its consistency, quality and service standards. This year Omar Khayam has won a coveted LUX Lifetime Achievement Award for Mr Rama Kanta Dey and the Best Casual Indian Restaurant 2023 - West Midlands. This is a much-deserved award for the longstanding company, who have consistently been producing amazing curries for 41 years. Well done to Omar Khayam, and long may you continue to delight customers with your celebrated Indian cuisine. Contact: Omar Khayam Company: Omar Khayam Restaurant Web Address: O Mar23381