Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

8 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 nlimited beverage is a supplier of eco-friendly canned water with beWater™, exquisite hard seltzers with Sundowners™, and famous craft beer from Winking Seal Beer Co™. Its brands were created to unite people all around the world as they come together to celebrate any occasion – or simply have a delicious drink just because. The Vietnam based company has built an admirable product range featuring a plethora of well-known beverages. It boasts a market leading supply chain, production and distribution service platform which is helping brands expand not just in Vietnam but regionally. Some of the delicious brands the Winking Seal Beer Co.™ works with are the Lagerlicious Craft Lager and the Nam Nam Nam Cream Ale. There are also new craft beer beverages such as the One Eye Imperial IPA and Love More Lemongrass Blonde Ale. Friends Brian Kekich and Mark Nerney were enjoying a couple of brews when the idea of forming a craft beer company first dawned on them. The unusual company name was inspired by a childhood toy of Mark’s, a much-loved teddy called Sealy, who over the years had come to lose one of its beady eyes. The desire to create the actual product, the craft beers, came from an altogether more grown-up love; that of the amber nectar. They went on to come up with other ways that people can enjoy a variety of drinks – that’s when the regional distribution company, Unlimited Beverage, was born. Craft Beverage Company of the Year 2023 – South East Asia Co-Founders Brian Kekich and Mark Nerney created the Unlimited Beverage distribution company in March 2020, after building various drink brands. The company has gone on to own and distribute four much loved beverage brands – beWater™, Sundowners™, Winking Seal Beer Co.™, and Three On A Bike Brewing Co.™ – to promote delicious drinks for customers to enjoy. Its vision in the world of beverages is to create communities and incite countrywide innovation. U Unlimited Beverage also distributes Three On A Bike Brewing Co.™ alcoholic beers such as Kosmonvt IPA and Bohemian Bastard IPA. It describes these drinks as serious craft beers ranging from hop infused IPAs to experimental sour, and barrel aged brews. The Winking Seal believes these will be perfect for its clientele of savvy craft lovers, who enjoy the taste of a beer with a traditional West Coast punch. Unlimited Beverage also distributes wine and bubbly. They sell reds such as the Moody Press Cellars Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignons. The white, Ironstone Sauvignon Blanc from Casawines Trading Co. Ltd., and the rosé, Beringer Sparkling Rosé White Zinfandel. It has a couple of bubblies coming soon, also from Casawines. These are the Ca’ Momi Heartcraft Sparkling Rose, and the Ca’ Momi Heartcraft Sparkling White. Alongside its commendable range of alcoholic drinks, Unlimited Beverage is also a major supplier of beWater™. This is an eco-friendly water available in both still and sparkling varieties. BeWater describes its mission as seeking to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. It does this by supplying a socially sustainable and convenient-to-consume alternative. This chimes with Winking Seal who despair at witnessing the large amounts of plastic waste piling up everywhere. With beWater™, Unlimited Beverage has helped to create South East Asia’s first canned water with regional collection and recycling facilities in mind.