Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

Unlimited Beverage's ethics are to be much admired. It knows it is trusted by so many clients and customers and will work hard to overcome obstacles and find solutions. It wants to see its visions and dreams realised, but always done in the right way. The laudable beverage ecosystem Unlimited Beverage has developed is home to a diverse collection of brands. It has a market-leading supply chain, production and distribution platform which is helping its client beers to expand in Vietnam and elsewhere. Its distinct combination of creativity, community, and collaboration is what makes it the perfect partner. Unlimited Beverage has poured time and energy into creating the perfect eco-friendly, non-alcoholic drinks that are changing the way we see get togethers. Ensuring everyone has something to drink, Unlimited Beverage continues to bring people together to celebrate, and simply enjoy their time together. This all makes it clear to see why Unlimited Beverage has been awarded the Craft Beverage Company of the Year 2023 – South East Asia. Its determination to consistently up the ante and make things better is invigorating the craft beer and non-alcoholic beverage industry – and winning fans near and far. Contact: Mark Nerney Company: Unlimited Beverage Web Address: Running adjacent to beWater™’s ’s eco-water is the popular Sundowners™ hard seltzer range. These seltzers are described as super-sessionable and low in calories and ABV. Sundowners™ has launched two new flavours of blueberry lime and kumquat sugarcane. Unlimited Beverage loves that these beverages can be enjoyed equally as much at home as on the rooftop bars of Saigon or the sun-loungers of Saint-Tropez. Sundowners™ drinks are refreshing, relaxing, and look amazingly good. They are Vietnam’s first real hard seltzer, and are 100% organic, GMO, and gluten free. Unlimited Beverage is building an excellent reputation for itself. This is emphasized by the many rave reviews it gets on Tripadvisor. As a proud home to Winking Seal Beer Co.™, Unlimited Beverage is pleased with Winking Seal Beer Co.™’s respectable 4.5 out of 5 rating on the site and can feel delighted with the lovely comments people are leaving such as ‘great craft beer’ and ‘he beer is exceptional and different from the craft beers available’. It's not only drinks that the Unlimited Beverage offers though. With its iconic logo, the company was primed and ready to launch lifestyle and apparel for its customers to buy and enjoy. It offers a range of t-shirts and hats, as well as branded coasters and phone covers. It is even possible to buy canvas high tops, leggings, and flip flops. Unlimited Beverage has a mission to build amazing drink brands that bring people together, are globally accessible, and deliver the highest of service standards. Ultimately, it wants to enable participation in what it sees as the circular economy. It wants to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders. Unlimited Beverage wants to revolutionise the way companies, consumers, and collaborators come together and change things. It has a number of values it stands by. For instance, it believes in things such as embracing change, enjoying the journey, and doing the right thing. “We are comfortable getting uncomfortable and knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, evolving, and improving, we’re not fulfilling our potential, and there’s so much of that here!” – Mark Nerney, CEO.