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Zenon Restaurant: Best Fine Dining Mediterranean Restaurant 2024 – Dubai & LUXlife Gourmet Gastronomy Experience of the Year 2024 - Dubai Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024 Most Scenic Dining Experience 2024 - Southern Norway The mountains of Southern Norway are home to Brokkestoylen, an old farm with a heritage as rich as the landscape it adorns. In days of old, this farm would be used in the summer when the animals would move up the mountain due to the lack of grass in the valley, before they escaped back down on the precipice of a harsh winter. Today, this farm is home to an unforgettable experience that encompasses accommodation, food, and a farm shop, with the site’s remarkable restaurant housed in an old log cabin that dates all the way back to the mid-1800s. Co-Owner Gro Furset is on hand for more. LUXlife M A G A Z I N E Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024

Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: LUXlife Magazine’s esteemed Restaurant and Bar Awards return for 2024! The LUXlife Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024 highlights the finest providers of cocktails, cuisine, and nightlife experiences! Restaurants and bars allow consumers to enhance their special occasions and expand their culinary horizons. What is possible in local favourite venues can rarely be matched by experiences at home, which speaks volumes about the value of those we seek to recognise in the LUXlife Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024. Whether the outing is casual, formal, or entirely spontaneous, consumers can expect to find an abundance of options which sate their desire. The assortment of offerings from restaurants and bars is becoming increasingly varied, making the market intensely competitive. Succeeding in the LUXlife Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024 can contribute significantly to your business’s public profile, letting future customers know of the wonderful experience that awaits them. Becoming an award winner will firmly set your business apart from the crowd! 4. Brokkestoylen: Most Scenic Dining Experience 2024 - Southern Norway 6. Restaurant Toshiya: Best Modern Japanese Restaurant 2024 - North Shore Sydney 8. Fritbar bv: Best Family Friendly Chip Shop 2024 – Antwerp & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 10. Restaurant Strandlächeln : Best Sea View Restaurant 2024 - Schleswig Holstein 12. Happy London: Most Family-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurant 2024 - London 14. Bar1 Grill Restaurant: Best Surf & Turf Restaurant 2024 - Northern Bavaria 16. Zenon Restaurant: Best Fine Dining Mediter ranean Restaurant 2024 – Dubai & LUXlife Gourmet Gastronomy Experience of the Year 2024 - Dubai 18. The Vedas - Todmorden: Best Indian Restaurant 2024 - Calderdale 20. Kavalierbar Wagemut: Best Luxury Cocktail Bar 2024 - Austria 22. Honeymoon Events Ltd: Best Sri Lankan & South Indian Restaurant 2024- West London & Customer Service Excellence Award Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant: Best Indian Restaurant 2024 - Essex 24. La Fogata: Best Authentic Mexican Cuisine 2024 - Denver Bistro Barberet & Bakery: French Bakery & Bistro of the Year 2024 - Pennsylvania 26. Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa: Most Innovative Yakiniku Style Restaurant 2024 – Japan OBBO: Best Organic French Restaurant & Wine Bar 2024 - Western France 28. Amano Family Farm: Best Yakiniku Restaurant of the Year 2024 - Hokkaido & Berggasth of Loosbühelalm: Most Unique Mountain Accommodation & Restaurant 2024 – Salzburg & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 Contents Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024

30. National Restaurant Bela Reka: Best Traditional Serbian Restaurant 2024 Kiri Thai: Best Thai Restaurant 2024 - Hawaii 32. Luna Blu: Best Authentic Italian Seafood Restaurant 2024 – California Subway: Sandwich Shop Owner of the Year 2024 (Wales): William Evans 34. Plan Burrito London: Best Casual Tex-Mex Restaurant 2024 - London On The Hush: Best Bottomless Brunch Bar 2024 - Central Manchester 36. Chez Sonia: Private Chef of the Year (Portugal): Sónia Melo & Most Memorable Private Dining Experience 2024 - Portugal 38. Dalchini Restaurant: Indian Restaurant of the Year 2024 - Doha Rock Salt Restaurant: Best Fusion Restaurant 2024 - Kuala Lumpur & Customer Service Excellence Award 40. Anstruther Fish Bar: Best Local Fish & Chip Shop 2024 - Fife Le Voyageur Inn: Best Thai Cuisine Restaurant 2024 - Northeastern Ontario 42, Daawat: Best Indian Restaurant 2024 - Gothenburg The Butcher hamburgeria bisteccheria: Best Hamburger & Steakhouse Restaurant 2024 - Bari 44. 1918 Heritage Bar: Heritage Bar of the Year 2024 - Singapore Chennai Express: Best Authentic Indian Restaurant 2024 - Hampshire 46. Kutting Chai: Best Indian Street Food Restaurant 2024 - Wiltshire Watervale Hotel: Most Sustainable Restaurant 2024 - South Australia 48. The Lodge At Moosehead Lake: Best Fine Dining Experience 2024 - Maine 50. J-Delikat KFT: Best Artisan Coffee Manufacturer 2024 – Hungary Kenny Hills Hospitality Group: Restaurant & Café Group of the Year 2024 – Malaysia & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 52. Sumac Restaurant and Lounge: Best Authentic Lebanese & Mediterranean Restaurant 2024 – Hong Kong & LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2024: Authentic Flavours The Black Bull Hotel Moffat Limited: Best Seasonal Bar &Restaurant 2024 Dumfries & Galloway 54. Maggie’s Restaurant Sliema: Best Contemporary Mediterranean Restaurant 2024 - Malta Bespokediningclub Pte. Ltd.: Best Asian- European Rooftop Restaurant 2024 - Singapore 56. Merchant Of Venice: Most Authentic Italian Restaurant 2024 - Leicestershire Anthony Berghela: Best Pizza Slice Joint 2024 Albany County & LUXlife Customer Service Award 2024 58. Madras Flavours: Best South Asian Vegetarian Restaurant 2024 - London The Lamb Inn: Best Upcoming Gastropub 2024 Oxfordshire & LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 60. Silvermalt: Best Luxury International Cuisine Restaurant 2024 - Singapore LupoLab: Best Italian Restaurant 2024 - Perth 62. Ancient City Brunch Bar: Best Brunch Restaurant 2024 – Northeast Florida Trolley'd: Most Sustainable Mobile Bar Company 2024 - Australia 64. Mavruda Garden Wedding Venue: Most Unique Restaurant & Wedding Venue 2024 - Bulgaria

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Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 5 Most Scenic Dining Experience 2024 Southern Norway The mountains of Southern Norway are home to Brokkestoylen, an old farm with a heritage as rich as the landscape it adorns. In days of old, this farm would be used in the summer when the animals would move up the mountain due to the lack of grass in the valley, before they escaped back down on the precipice of a harsh winter. Today, this farm is home to an unforgettable experience that encompasses accommodation, food, and a farm shop, with the site’s remarkable restaurant housed in an old log cabin that dates all the way back to the mid-1800s. Co-Owner Gro Furset is on hand for more. Authenticity radiates from this small, scenic, and adult-only restaurant in the district of Setesdal, with the owners, wife and husband Gro Furset and Erik Berglihn, paying homage to the region’s social dining tradition. As such, the restaurant has but one large table with 12 seats, making this a unique and communal dining experience that is guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever witnessed before. Then there is the food itself, with elements of all of the dishes served here stemming from a combination of the farm’s produce, herbs and berries from the woods, and game from the mountains. Gro explains, “the food and drink here is made with respect for traditions, and everything is crafted by hand. Permaculture, slow cooking, fermentations, aging, distilling, and extractions are all part of the food and drink experience.” Having started out life as a small café, considerable development has resulted in gourmet restaurant status for Brokkestoylen, with it serving only the healthiest and most tasty food, exclusively using wild game and fish, and smoking all of the food itself. Erik, Gro, and the rest of the small team who help them out from time to time thus all have one shared goal in mind. Achieving excellence. It takes a great deal of effort to ensure that this is attained, but it is a mission that the team go above and beyond to accomplish. Since the overwhelming majority of the food and drink served in the restaurant is taken directly from either other areas of Brokkestoylen or caught in the mountains, to say that freshness and quality control are exemplary here would be an understatement. Moreover, anything that cannot be grown or hunted is purchased from Erik and Gro’s neighbours, who also own small farms nearby, with these items including goat cheese, yoghurts, and certain types of meat. Further distinguishing the restaurant is the skill embodied by both Erik and Gro themselves, with this couple leveraging years of prior experience running hotels and restaurants to provide their patrons with nothing short of the best. As keen travellers and foodies, this duo often visit other restaurants and assess what they believe to be good and not so good, seeing which elements of the overall service stand out and could be incorporated effectively into Brokkestoylen. Gro tells us, “we read a lot about food, get inspired by different chefs, and try to be a place that we would like to visit ourselves.” In an industry where many restaurants are struggling to turn a profit, the cosy, independent, and almost entirely selfsufficient nature of Brokkestoylen’s restaurant stand it in good stead as the wider business continues to grow. Noticing that there was a desire from guests to stay over, Erik and Gro added six eco-luxury nature pods to the land, meaning that not only could a scenic dining experience be provided, but also an equally scenic and sustainable stay. “When you leave us”, Gro says, “we want to have been able to give you the experience of a lifetime in the areas of food, accommodation, and nature.” Last year, every available seat at Brokkestoylen’s restaurant was completely sold out, and this was not a one-off. Recognising the ever-increasing demand for its services, Brokkestoylen opened a tremendous glasshouse that is perfect for big groups or retreats, and last summer saw the unveiling of a new sauna and the conversion of a log house into a sauna. On the back of these developments, Gro is proud to announce that an array of guests from all over the world will be visiting Brokkestoylen this summer, where they will be exposed to gourmet food, eco-luxury, and the serene silence of nature at every turn. Contact: Gro Furset Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Brokkestoylen Web Address: Brokkestøylen

6 | LUXlife Magazine ettled in the costal Cremorne Junction, Restaurant Toshiya is an award-winning modern Japanese restaurant whose compelling atmosphere punctuates each exceptional dish. As a manifestation of the ambitions presented by owner Toshiya Kai, the establishment is imbued with personal touches at every turn – be it its carefully crafted menu, or the meticulously designed interior. Each aspect of Restaurant Toshiya has been chosen to elicit a feeling of modern indulgence, allowing diners to sample genuine Japanese gastronomy, while being immersed in a stylish environment that strives to stimulate the senses. No matter what a guest may be looking to get out of their time when visiting Restaurant Toshiya, the establishment is sure to deliver in a variety of ways. Since opening its doors over a decade ago, Restaurant Toshiya has found itself receiving an abundance of praise for the expert craftsmanship behind each dish. As both the owner and a renowned chef, Toshiya Kai was determined to compile a selection that would give guests plenty of chances to explore Japan’s culinary prowess, and therefore forged a menu that accomplishes this very goal. As such, individuals find themselves returning again and again, be it to share the restaurant’s everpopular three person banquet, or its varied selection of main courses. This has allowed Restaurant Toshiya to both build its own community, while simultaneously enticing people to step out of their comfort zones and sample some of Japan’s most notorious dishes. As a result of this excellence, Restaurant Toshiya has become a staple among locals, with many expressing their love for the astounding tastes it brings to the region. One guest expresses how - “Toshiya is our top pick for special occasions, consistently delivering an exceptional dining experience. Their Banquet for two is a must-try, offering a taste of everything that makes this place stand out. From the welcoming ambiance to the extraordinary Japanese cuisine, each visit is memorable. The quality, presentation, and flavours of the dishes are unmatched, making Toshiya not just a meal, but a celebration. Highly recommend for anyone seeking an unparalleled dining experience in Sydney.” Time and time again, the establishment finds itself wowing individuals, and with such an exceptional team at the helm, it’s little wonder how. Holding such an immense presence within the Cremorne Junction area, Restaurant Toshiya has become widely recognised as one of the most popular establishments currently on the market. This popularity is, of course, well-deserved; the restaurant prides itself on delivering Best Modern Japanese Restaurant 2024 - North Shore Sydney For years, Toshiya Kai had a resounding wish – to create a way for the people of Australia to indulge in authentic, Japanese cuisine, chosen and prepared by the best chefs Sydney has to offer. In 2010, this dream finally became a reality, and Restaurant Toshiya opened its doors to the public. Promising a menu to match its Japanese origins, the establishment has become an exceptionally popular choice among locals and tourists alike, be they visiting alone or with their families. Regardless, Restaurant Toshiya delights in transporting guests to the illustrious culinary scene of Japan. S dishes that meet its incredibly high standards, all while maintaining a connection with customers that doesn’t go amiss. Visitors frequently express how delightful it is to interact with the staff, with many detailing how Toshiya frequently makes appearances to ensure the food is consistently exceeding expectations. Partnered with a genuinely friendly nature, Restaurant Toshiya doesn’t just offer quality food, but wonderful interactions that are sure to sit with guests long after they’ve finished their meals. This is further emphasised through one review in particular, in which a local area guide Sarah Charles shares her experience. She explains how “Chef Toshi is a happy character, who has pleased his customers over the years with quality Japanese cuisine and an approachable, yet creative, menu. Toshi is a sushi master - order from Toshi's special sushi list and you will certainly get something special.” And, when exploring the sheer selection available to customers, she further details that “With an extensive menu filled with plenty of tasty options, Restaurant Toshiya further caters to the masses with its gluten free vegetarian dishes. Order a banquet or a la carte, either way you will not be disappointed. Here's to another 10 years for this great North Shore Restaurant.” It’s evident that Restaurant Toshiya hasn’t failed to impress, leaving many guests eager to see what new dishes they can sample next. Of course, in order to promise a marvellous dining experience, one must also take note of the surroundings they present when inviting guests to spend their nights trying all types of fabulous foods. As such, Restaurant Toshiya has gone above and beyond to create an area that any person would be happy to spend their time in. By combining modern interior design with traditional Japanese culinary options, the establishment has created an astounding harmony that sees guests enjoying both their food and their environment. As such, it’s unsurprising that Restaurant Toshiya has garnered immense popularity across various generations. Truly, there’s something for everyone. No matter the occasion, Restaurant Toshiya is, by far, Cremorne Junction’s definitive choice for any wanting to experience the wonder of Japanese cuisine, without having to travel across the world to do so. Toshiya Kai has mastered the art of capturing Japan’s gastronomy, allowing the restaurant to consistently deliver quality dishes that have been cooked with love, care, and the utmost dedication. In turn, guests are never left guessing when it comes to the kind of experience they’re going to receive – with each visit, they’ll be treated to a perfect blend of

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 7 atmosphere and artisanal culinary prowess. Restaurant Toshiya truly is an enticing establishment that never falters in providing excellent food at an affordable price, making it the ideal place for family outings, group get-togethers, and date nights. Whatever the event, Restaurant Toshiya delivers on its promise of preparing quality Japanese food that’ll leave any customer eager for more. Contact: Toshiya Kai Company: Restaurant Toshiya Web Address:

Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine The world of fast food is packed with eateries looking to bring something completely new to the table, but, here, we’ve found a chip shop with a traditional twist. The family-friendly dining venue, offering a cosy eat-in and Takeaway, strips everything back to basics: a great variety of snacks, cosy atmosphere, and, of course, excellent customer service. Since 2007, Fritbar’s owners have worked tirelessly to enrich their local area with tasty food partnered with a level of customer service which won’t be forgotten any time soon. Owner Sasja Chao-Hu says, “To ensure daily good quality, we have attention for little imperfections and details, and are still learning further how to improve, to deliver the best service we can.” The team at Fritbar put their customers first throughout every action they take and every decision they make – from cooking to cleaning, creation of their wholesome environment within the eatery, and more. As such, Fritbar ensures that there is space for guests to sit in and eat their meal along with magazines to read and fun for children to enjoy while they wait for their food. Boasting delightful food to the brim with much snacks, drinks, and more, Fritbar features twicefried Chips, Bear-Claw snack (meatball with fresh cut giant onion), XL curryworst, Megamix, Crispy Fries with Stewsauce and Mayo, Burgers,etc. Fritbar’s online order-system and Feb24363 Best Family Friendly Chip Shop 2024 – Antwerp & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 Situated in the beautiful village of Stabroek in Belgium, this nice and cosy chip shop greets a wide variety of guests who are searching for freshly twice-fried chips with top-notch service. For 17 years, Fritbar’s owners have prioritised this high level of customer satisfaction through supplying delicious food for their many guests. Here we explore the eatery’s offerings as it receives two titles in our Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024. tasty food are a fine contribution to it’s local area, guaranteeing hunger satisfaction and repeat custom at a regular basis. Not only does the eatery provide food to nourish the body, but it offers food for thought as it even creates small gifts for its customers at christmas – resulting in a stronger sense of community and encouraging care for one another. This gift-giving reminds us of how selfless the business is, how much the owners truly care for their customers, and how important it is to practice acts of kindness. With respect, care, and Quality as the core pillars of the establishment, Fritbar’s team do all they can to provide the best service on a daily basis. Always keeping the customers in mind, Sasja tells us, “Our core values are respected and deeply rooted. All of our customers are still ''King'' and very important. We do our best to stay up to date in our market, and listen to the wishes of our dear customers.” The eatery’s tasty fresh Fries, strong customer relationships, and a harmonious environment means it future looks bright. With regards to further developments within Fritbar’s walls we learned that there are more toys to be added to the eatery’s play table – further enriching its guests’ visit by keeping their little ones occupied and entertained. Of course, regardless of the industry, every business has its own challenges. However, Fritbar practices dedication and commitment to its mission – a mission to serve premium food to the best of its ability – to ensure it can push through trials it may encounter. Always adapting to the demands of the market, Fritbar consistently offers what it knows its customers will love to eat and delivers its food and drink in a way that demonstrates its passion to serve, and welcoming everyone who chooses to order from its kitchen. As the third owners, Fritbar’s current owners are loyal to the around fifty-year-long history of the establishment. Primarily wishing to uphold the reputation of the eatery, the team strive to keep customers feeling fulfilled on a daily basis. However, the success of the business has surpassed expectations as we now recognise them for their quality in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards. No matter whether you’re looking for a cosy dine-in experience or a easy Takeaway service, Fritbar can offer the highest quality and friendly service. We’re sure the chip shop will continue to thrive as it alters the

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 9 industry standard. We’re proud to present Fritbar with Best Family Friendly Chip Shop 2024, Antwerp, and its Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 as it fervently caters to its customers’ needs. Here’s to many more years of success as the eatery enriches its surroundings with a heartfelt passion and brilliance through customer service. Contact: Sasja Chao-Hu Company: Fritbar bv Address: Dorpsstraat 35, 2940 Stabroek, Belgium Telephone: (0032)3-5680897 Web Address: Facebook:

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine Best Sea View Restaurant 2024 - Schleswig Holstein In its idyllic location on Hohenfelde Bay, Hamburg, the Strandlächeln restaurant boasts an unparalleled view of the spectacular Baltic Sea. Renowned for its exquisite culinary offerings and extensive drinks menu, the restaurant attracts both local and international visitors who wish to take a break from everyday life. Recognised in LUXlife’s Restaurant and Bar Awards, Strandlächelt is passionate about creating new taste experiences that never cease to delight its diners. Volker Mann, Owner of Strandlächeln, first realised his dream of owning his own restaurant in 2018. Soon after, the first ‘Beach Smile’ in Hohenfelde was born. Since its inception, Volker Mann has launched two more ‘Beach Smiles’ on the sunny island of Fehmarn and in Pelzerhaken. The Strandlächeln is distinctive for its beautiful surroundings and the creative flair of its passionate team. The kitchen team is comprised of highly skilled chefs with experience in several prestigious establishments. Driven by their commitment to quality, these culinary masters use their expertise to generate refined menus that contain something special for everyone. Using only the freshest ingredients available, the Strandlächeln team creates succulent dishes such as its new Wild Garlic Foam Soup and tender Fillet steak with White German Asparagus. Alongside its range of delicious meat, fish, pasta, and vegetarian dishes, the restaurant also offers indulgent desserts including an Orange terrine and basil parfait and rich chocolate mousses served with a fruit sauce. The restaurant boasts a large selection of drinks, with exciting discoveries for both connoisseurs and newcomers, from fresh wines and long drinks to spirits and zesty beers. Strandlächeln also produces its own beer, Glücks-Pils, a Pilsner with a golden colour and aromas of fresh green, spring flowers, and lemon zest. This beer is currently only available at the Strandlächeln location. PK, one satisfied customer, shares, “Strandlächeln is a beautiful gem on the Baltic Sea coast. Volker and his team have created an absolutely enchanting ambience in which to enjoy culinary delicacies with a view of the sea. Considering you're in such a rural region, the food is excellent, and the price is fair. If only there could be more places like this. If you don't spend at least one wonderful evening here, you've missed something. Keep it up!” The Strandlächeln team is not only passionate about designing spectacular menus but also about offering a warm and thoughtful service. The restaurant is unique in its absence of a traditional leadership structure. At Strandlächeln, every employee takes on responsibility and helps support the business’s pursuit of excellence. The team works together to deliver consistently outstanding customer experiences.

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 11 Volker Mann says, “Our beach smile team in Hohenfelde enjoys their roles and dealing with people. With us, you will find a good working atmosphere, which many guests notice. Some of our employees have been with us from the very beginning. What could be better? The kitchen team put their knowledge into practice and surprise guests with the delicacies on the plate. New employees often discover the Beach Smile through the existing staff. They are recommendations from acquaintances who learn about the special working atmosphere. You can also experience the restaurant’s unique atmosphere as a guest.” In the competitive restaurant industry, businesses are facing another challenge with the increase in VAT from 7% to 19%. The Strandlächeln has responded to this challenge by producing and selling their own Beach Smile gin and various flavours of olive oil including basil, lemon, tangerine, and chili. The Strandlächeln website also includes several recipes that incorporate these products so customers can recreate their own culinary wonders at home. Through this new business venture, the restaurant has created another source of income and can continue offering customers unrivalled value on their visits. Manuela T, another happy customer, says, “I highly recommend the Strandlächeln! We received a nice welcome and attentive service. The food was delicious with everything freshly prepared. You simply have to try the house-made gin and wheat beer. Please keep it up!” The Strandlächeln team has also developed a light-hearted podcast for its palate lovers. The restaurant podcast features conversations about its delectable dishes and reveals insider tips about the future of Beach Smile. In addition to its exceptional restaurant, the Strandlächeln offers a home away from home with the Apartment Strandlächeln Lodge. Its charming beach surroundings make the lodge the perfect location to enjoy a sunny getaway. The accommodation includes a spacious living and dining area, a modern kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. The lodge and garden both feature a maritime design as well as a large outdoor terrace which catches plenty of sun. Across all Beach Smile locations, Volker Mann has fostered a friendly and collaborative environment that is adored by customers and employees alike. With magnificent views of the Baltic Sea, the Strandlächeln is a coastal gem that continues to attract visitors around the world. Its exquisite culinary offerings and varied drinks menu have amassed the restaurant a fantastic reputation in its community. The Strandlächeln team is passionate about exceeding expectations by delivering extraordinary dining experiences. Its kitchen team consists of experienced chefs who leverage their individual skills and flair to create scrumptious delicacies. Using only the freshest ingredients, the restaurant offers a variety of taste experiences for every occasion. Since its establishment, the Strandlächeln has remained steadfast in its mission to bring a smile to its valued customers with world-class service and mouthwatering creations. Driven by values of collaboration, innovation, and quality, the restaurant will continue to provide visitors with unmatched value for years to come. For its unforgettable customer experiences, the Strandlächeln has received this year’s award for Best Sea View Restaurant - Schleswig Holstein. Contact: Volker Mann Company: Restaurant Strandlächeln Web Address:

Jun22596 12 | LUXlife Magazine Situated only a short walk from London’s Piccadilly and Leicester Square tube stations, this restaurant in the heart of the city provides a textbook family dining experience for all ages, with its exquisite selection of dishes made using some of the most high-tech, pioneering kitchen equipment that the industry has to offer. All of this is then served in a location dripping with modern interior design prowess. In the five years that it has been open so far, Happy London has secured its spot as the eatery of choice for numerous, offering up everything from delectable seafood through to its signature burgers and unique cocktails. Approximately 11 million customers walk through the doors of Happy’s more than 35 locations each year, and with a successful track record of more than 29 years serving up excellence, a feat that has netted the chain more than 100 international awards, its newest location in Central London was eagerly anticipated when it was announced and has not disappointed in the years since. Given a Certificate of Excellence and a 2020 Travellers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor, Happy London remarkably possesses almost 5,500 Google reviews, giving in an aggregate score of 4.4/5 and speaking volumes about its quality. Rarely does food evoke the sort of raw emotion as it does at Happy London, with its dishes quite simply serving as the physical embodiment of your wildest culinary dreams. Think burger stacks so big they need a knife just to hold them together, trios of beautifully garnished tacos dripping with cheese and seasoned with salad, and sizzling meat dishes complete with a choice of sides that really hit the spot. Moreover, with Happy London serving breakfast on the weekends, and both lunch and dinner all week long, whatever your food preferences, Happy London has got you covered. Beyond simply its food options, Happy London is famed for its bar, with this equally as welcoming and contemporary space the ideal place to unwind with some playful and creative cocktails, along with a refreshing take on some seasoned classics and a host of wines, beers, spirits, soft, Mar24325 Most Family-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurant 2024 - London The history of London’s Most Family-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurant 2024 actually does not date back to London, or even England, at all. In fact, the first restaurant in the now bustling Happy Bar & Grill chain opened its doors on Christmas Eve 1994 in Varna, Bulgaria. People’s love for the casual dining experience this establishment provided was clear to see, and after opening a second location in July 1995, this family-run chain has not looked back. Since unveiling its London location in 2019, the aptly titled Happy London and has served countless from its home in Piccadilly Circus. and hot drinks. Also lining this cocktail menu are a series of luxurious sweet treats, with these updated regularly to reflect the ever-changing needs of patrons and perfectly complementing the time of year that you visit – with a number of mainstay desserts proudly standing as the favourites of thousands of ‘Happy’ diners across London. Happy London is yet further distinguished in this space through its leveraging of only the finest products across all of the dishes lining this (literally) picture-perfect menu. From its array of speciality salads that consist of the likes of Caesar, Caesar Palace, and Greek, through to the more than a dozen exquisite starters spanning cheeseburger rolls to pulled beef loaded fries, start your dining experience off in the right way with these remarkable appetisers that showcase but a slice of the grounded, consistent quality embodied by this menu from front to back.

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 13 Progressing further through the menu, Happy London is renowned in local circles for its fresh and succulent seafood options, the likes of which include the British staple of battered fish, chips, mushy peas, and tartare sauce, as well as prawns in a parmesan sauce, topped with roasted pepper and garnish and complete with an accompanying slice of garlic bread. From here, we move on and explore Happy’s famous burgers, and with a Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce burger and a rich Irish cheddar cheese burger topped with extra cheese sauce available, as well as smash, chicken, and vegan burgers, there is something suited to every palate. Food lovers from every corner of the world map can join together for Happy London’s wealth of international menu options. London is, after all, one of the most diverse cities in the world, with hundreds of languages spoken and citizens of all backgrounds. The restaurant prides itself on celebrating this difference and includes flavours from across the globe in a smorgasbord of international dishes. Boasting specific sections for Mexico and Argentina and bolstered by authentic Italian pasta dishes such as a spaghetti carbonara cooked in a parmesan wheel, some of London’s best international cuisine can be found within these four walls. The final area here that is irrefutably worth a mention is Happy London’s Happy Beef Fillets, with this 7 oz. steak skirt provided with one of four equally delectable sauces, either the signature (red wine sauce with chutney and butter), porcini mushroom, peppercorn, or creamy truffle. Things do not end here, as a complimentary side is also included, with enviable choices akin to fries, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, a salad, or corn being presented to you. Should a physical side be too much for you, the team are happy to provide a simple smile instead, hinting at just a taste of their recognised hospitality prowess. One of the best things about Happy London’s menus are interestingly enough the menus themselves, with this eatery doubling down on its casual status and breaking from tradition by including pictures of every dish across its main, cocktail, and breakfast menus. This is the perfect decision for families and those fussier eaters alike, as no more do you have to open your phone and look for pictures of a particular dish online to see if it is for you, as it is right there in all its glory, making your decision easier (or perhaps harder!) while pulling back the curtain on the greatness you can soon expect to have served to you directly. “Happy is a family-run business, and we strive to make our guests feel like they are part of that family. I believe it’s this, and customer loyalty, which drive the success behind Happy London. We have big plans for Happy here in the UK, this is just the beginning.” – General Manager Niya Popova When you are exploring London, it can be incredibly difficult to settle on a place to eat, as the choice is almost endless. Frequently cited as one of Central London’s best restaurants, Happy London frees you from this burden by simply being terrific and perfect for all generations and any occasion. Although we may be celebrating this branch of Happy as the Most Family-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurant 2024 – London, this does not mean it is any way unsuitable for couples, friendship groups, or even solo diners, as everybody here is treated as an equal and offered fantastic service along with top-quality food and drink. The next time you find yourself venturing into Central London, keep Happy London in mind when your stomach begins to rumble. Of course, with more than 35 of the chain’s restaurants also dotted across Bulgaria and Spain, readers in those countries can too experience a similarly unrivalled culinary journey, the likes of which only Happy can provide. On this, the chain’s 30th anniversary of the opening of its first restaurant, it is our privilege to celebrate Happy London in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024 and wish this family-oriented chain nothing but the best for the years ahead. Contact: Emma Bolton Company: Happy London Web Address:

14 | LUXlife Magazine mpowered by a genuine love for delivering dishes that are designed to delight each and every meat lover it meets throughout its culinary journey, Bar1 Grill Restaurant is a highly regarded surf and turf restaurant that knows its craft inside out. Since first opening its doors, the establishment has hosted a whole manner of guest from across the globe, be they travellers visiting for the region’s world-famous Trade Fairs, or locals eager to enrich their evening with some exceptional surf and turf. With such a broad menu capturing the essence of regional steak specialties, Bar1 Grill Restaurant promises to deliver an experience no guest is likely to forget. In fact, it’s common for diners to seek a second visit from the moment they take their first bite – eager to sample even more of the wonders on offer. One guest expresses how – “During the Trade Fair, we spent the night in Zirndorf, and even ate twice in the Bar1 Grill Restaurant. The steaks as the main characters are top notch. The vegetables and starters were also very tasty. The boss lives what he does and takes time for his guests. Of course, it also costs money, but when the quality is so good it is justified. The people who prepare the steaks are artists.” Though Bar1 Grill Restaurant is characterised by its exceptional food, guests are not only treated to unforgettable dishes, but also an atmosphere that encourages a sense of community, no matter how far one may have travelled. Combined with an owner who genuinely adores his craft, the establishment has become a hotspot for any meat lover searching for fantastic flavours. This welcoming environment is what truly elevates Bar1 Grill Restaurant from a simple establishment to a comfortable environment in which both food and guest are treated with the utmost respect. Bar1 Grill Restaurant recognises that it has a responsibility to its customers, and has therefore adapted its unwavering love for surf and turf into a marvellous menu that truly captures the whimsy of the owner’s culinary imagination. This is further evidenced through one guest’s experience – “We were actually “only” prepared for delicious food for the evening. Instead, we got a complete package, including a personal welcome and very nice conversation from the owner, a very stylishly furnished restaurant, and then - of course - the food.” It’s clear that, over the years, Bar1 Grill Restaurant has consistently wowed customers with its flavours, techniques, and broad selection of delicacies. Regardless of whether a guest is wanting to order a traditional steak meal, or are thinking of finally taking the plunge and trying squid Best Surf & Turf Restaurant 2024 - Northern Bavaria Surf and turf, since its popularisation, has always been a divisive delicacy. Many often find themselves locked in a stalemate with other food connoisseurs when debating the age old question – is there a definitive surf and turf restaurant that guarantees exceptional quality with every bite? Finally, it seems as though this query has an answer, and the answer is none other than Bar1 Grill Restaurant. Located in Northern Bavaria, Bar1 Grill Restaurant is a showstopping establishment whose delectable dishes have captured the wonder of foodies across the globe. Join us as we uncover how the restaurant has managed to elicit such a palpable response from its diners. E

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 15 and octopus, the establishment ensures that no other restaurant can match is quality. Astoundingly, this attitude has earned it the rapport of long-standing chefs, as seen through this glowing testimonial – “I was greeted with a warm welcoming atmosphere, even though I had not booked. As a chef, I have travelled and cooked for over 20 years, and honestly I was served the best dish imaginable. The food was perfectly cooked, the local beverages were a delight, and the owner was the perfect host. I would travel from the UK again to try something different. I cannot recommend Bar1 any higher. A perfect restaurant.” Be they seasoned surf and turf tasters, or casual diners committed to elevating their palates, there truly is a choice for each and every individual. And, if you prefer vegetables, Bar1 Grill and Restaurant isn’t one to exclude – as consistently expressed throughout its plethora of shining reviews, the restaurant has mastered every culinary aspect pertaining to its specialty. As such, meat and vegetables alike are treated with tender care, resulting in exceptional meals that suit all ages. From youngsters to elders, Bar1 Grill Restaurant proudly presents a space in which everyone is welcome, both in terms of culinary preference and personality. It’s this sense of togetherness that has played a significant role in the establishment’s success, and is what has no doubt allowed it to experiment with exciting flavour combinations over the years. We believe these particular customer reviews sum Bar1 Grill and Restaurant up perfectly – “Recommended with all my heart. We were there for the first time yesterday, and everyone was pleasantly surprised. Ambience is very stylish, the food was sensational, and all dishes were of excellent quality. This restaurant is a must-visit that values delicious food and attentive service. The boss takes time for his guests. Really the best steak restaurant in the Nuremberg area.” “The steak in this restaurant is probably the best I’ve ever had, cooked to perfection. There was a very multi-lingual clientele the night we visited, but we all just clicked and were singing and just having a good night. An impromptu evening at its best! Great place!” Bar1 Grill Restaurant is a welcoming establishment that fully recognises the importance of combining great food with an accepting community to create a truly special atmosphere unlike any other. Distinguished by its excellence, the restaurant has quickly become a must-visit for tourists and locals alike, with its dishes promising to reshape the expectations of diners across the globe. Nowhere else can individuals sample such an exceptional surf and turf selection, making Bar1 Grill Restaurant an unmissable establishment for anybody finding themselves within the local area. We hope to one day visit the award-winning Bar1 Grill Restaurant for ourselves, and finally discover what a perfect piece of steak should taste like. Contact: Sofia Alexandridis Company: Bar1 Grill Restaurant Web Address:

Jun22596 16 | LUXlife Magazine Zenon endeavors to pay homage to the inherent marvels of Greek mythology, positioning itself as the epicenter of a gastronomic journey unparalleled in opulence. Nestled within one of the world's most cosmopolitan locales, this illustrious multi-award-winning establishment, curates a culinary symphony that harmonizes the finest flavors from the Mediterranean and Asia. Each dish, a masterpiece meticulously crafted, embodies the essence of culinary excellence, elevating the senses to unprecedented heights. Moreover, Zenon transcends mere culinary indulgence by weaving a tapestry of sensory delights. Cutting-edge AI technology orchestrates a mesmerizing display of digital art and interactive holographic displays, captivating the senses with interactive holographic marvels that envelop the dining environment, transcending the mundane into the extraordinary. Since its inception just nine months ago, Zenon’s unwavering commitment to a set of fundamental principles remains unaltered, serving as the cornerstone of its luxurious dining ethos. These guiding tenets, centered around culinary mastery and immersive dining experiences, have become ingrained in the very fabric of the restaurant's identity. Driven by an insatiable quest for perfection, the culinary artisans at Zenon continually push the boundaries of innovation, attuned to the evolving desires of their discerning clientele. The result is a steady stream of satisfied customers, drawn to Zenon's unparalleled blend of culinary finesse and sensory enchantment, solidifying its position as a vanguard of Dubai's vibrant gastronomic landscape. “At Zenon, dining transcends mere sustenance, it becomes a mythical adventure, where flavours and innovation converge to create unforgettable moments for our patrons.” The sustained excellence defined by Zenon is multifaceted, but it ultimately begins with the rigorous standards present when it comes to sourcing the freshest and finest ingredients that comprise the high-quality food and beverages served here daily. When it Best Fine Dining Mediterranean Restaurant 2024 – Dubai & LUXlife Gourmet Gastronomy Experience of the Year 2024 - Dubai Zenon Restaurant Flavour meets innovation at this mythical fusion of remarkable taste and elegance situated in Downtown Dubai, with Zenon serving as much more than just your standard restaurant and instead going above and beyond to guide you through a unique culinary journey like no other. Rooted in the riches of Greek mythology and inspired by the diverse flavours of both Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, the menu here brings together the traditions of these two regions and combines them with the freshest ingredients to create world-class dishes, all underpinned by a commitment to providing an immersive dining experience through the use of cutting-edge technology. comes to developing a menu on par with the peerless ambiance set, innovation and creativity are prioritised in equal measure. New flavour combinations and cutting-edge techniques lend themselves to the culinary masterpieces that are created, and the regular quality checks carried out ensure that your first course will be as stunning as your last, making every visit to Zenon truly extraordinary. Boasting a menu that sees Mediterranean and Asian food converge seamlessly, every dish served at Zenon tells a story that contributes to an anthology, a tapestry where the ancient world joins with the modern, and the starting point of where the future of fine dining begins. With the gastronomic virtuoso Chef Lorenzo Buccarini at the helm, just a taste of some of the highlights of the Mediterranean that can be seen across this menu include several pasta dishes, such as the delectable favourite rigatoni with cream reduction and caviar, and wild seafood dishes, like the flavourful grilled sea bass with a salt crust. This is not to mention the array of cold and hot starters, meats and mains, raw bar products, and side dishes that all connote the essence of what Mediterranean cuisine is all about. Mediterranean is, however, but one half of Zenon’s unique flavour combination, and then there are the dishes more heavily tinged with the exotic flavours synonymous with Asia, and these can be seen in the likes of the expansive sashimi and nigiri offerings Zenon provides, as well as in some of its most popular main dishes, such as its Kobe-style ribeye, tenderloin, and striploin, to name only a few. Sitting alongside Zenon’s main food menu is a choice selection of succulent desserts that too strike the perfect balance between these two separate and yet equally brilliant cultures, but for those truly passionate about sampling exotic ingredients and experiencing unmatched flavour bursts, Zenon’s beverage menu will make you feel right at home. From its six signature drinks through to its ambrosia (drinks of the gods) and elevated classics, thirst at Zenon is quenched in the richest way possible, opening your taste buds to a world of possibilities that showcase the truly remarkable things that can happen when connoisseurs experiment. The innate uniquity that exists throughout Zenon is perfectly aligned with broader shifts that are currently shaping the industry. A representative for the restaurant delves deeper into this, telling us, “One major trend is

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 17 the increasing demand for our unique dining experiences and innovative concepts, driven by evolving consumer preferences, and heightened competition.” As touched on previously, one of the primary ways Zenon succeeds in all these areas is through its embracing of next-generation AI technology, but on a more basic level, this can be seen through its implementing of robust health and safety measures and the constant refining of its menu offerings, highlighting a uniform distinction. Another instrumental element in this forging of an acclaimed establishment that is visited by diners from all over the world, has been Zenon’s employees. This group of dedicated individuals are wholly supported and empowered to go that extra mile for patrons of the restaurant wherever possible. By prioritising ongoing training, initiating recognition programmes, and nurturing a culture of open communication, these employees are equipped with the skills and motivation they need to deliver a faultless service. With this reputation for greatness in mind, a meticulous approach has been adopted when it comes to hiring new staff, with nothing less than the best that this industry has to offer sought out by management. Shedding more light on what it takes to join this bold team of experts, a restaurant spokesperson elaborates, “We prioritise qualities such as passion, professionalism, and a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional service. Our recruitment process includes comprehensive interviews, skill assessments, and reference checks to assess candidates’ suitability for our team.” When a business is as committed to its staff as Zenon is, it is no surprise that attracting and subsequently retaining its valued employees is right at the top of the priorities list, and this is why the restaurant is proud to offer a competitive compensation package, along with a multitude of opportunities for growth and development. Bolstered by the unified strength of these staff that comprise the backbone of Zenon, there are a number of expansions in the pipeline for the restaurant that have all been initiated for the same purpose - further elevating the dining experience of its guests from all four corners of the world map. Also, a little further down the line, this team will be setting their sights on sustainable initiatives, aiming to both minimise their environmental footprint while simultaneously giving back to the community of Downtown Dubai and the wider city. This is all while it continues to serve and set the gold standard for luxury hospitality in the region. Ultimately, if you are looking to kickstart your culinary odyssey in one of the most vibrant cities on the planet, joining the good folks over at Zenon Restaurant to revel in this exquisite ambiance and savour the products from one of the best bars and restaurants in Dubai is the optimal way to go about doing this. In the top 10% of all restaurants in Dubai according to TripAdvisor, dozens of five-star reviews testify to the fact that not only is Zenon one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai and one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai, but it is also, quite simply, one of the best restaurants in Dubai full-stop. Contact: Seher Farooq Company: Zenon Restaurant Web Address: