Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 13 Progressing further through the menu, Happy London is renowned in local circles for its fresh and succulent seafood options, the likes of which include the British staple of battered fish, chips, mushy peas, and tartare sauce, as well as prawns in a parmesan sauce, topped with roasted pepper and garnish and complete with an accompanying slice of garlic bread. From here, we move on and explore Happy’s famous burgers, and with a Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce burger and a rich Irish cheddar cheese burger topped with extra cheese sauce available, as well as smash, chicken, and vegan burgers, there is something suited to every palate. Food lovers from every corner of the world map can join together for Happy London’s wealth of international menu options. London is, after all, one of the most diverse cities in the world, with hundreds of languages spoken and citizens of all backgrounds. The restaurant prides itself on celebrating this difference and includes flavours from across the globe in a smorgasbord of international dishes. Boasting specific sections for Mexico and Argentina and bolstered by authentic Italian pasta dishes such as a spaghetti carbonara cooked in a parmesan wheel, some of London’s best international cuisine can be found within these four walls. The final area here that is irrefutably worth a mention is Happy London’s Happy Beef Fillets, with this 7 oz. steak skirt provided with one of four equally delectable sauces, either the signature (red wine sauce with chutney and butter), porcini mushroom, peppercorn, or creamy truffle. Things do not end here, as a complimentary side is also included, with enviable choices akin to fries, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, a salad, or corn being presented to you. Should a physical side be too much for you, the team are happy to provide a simple smile instead, hinting at just a taste of their recognised hospitality prowess. One of the best things about Happy London’s menus are interestingly enough the menus themselves, with this eatery doubling down on its casual status and breaking from tradition by including pictures of every dish across its main, cocktail, and breakfast menus. This is the perfect decision for families and those fussier eaters alike, as no more do you have to open your phone and look for pictures of a particular dish online to see if it is for you, as it is right there in all its glory, making your decision easier (or perhaps harder!) while pulling back the curtain on the greatness you can soon expect to have served to you directly. “Happy is a family-run business, and we strive to make our guests feel like they are part of that family. I believe it’s this, and customer loyalty, which drive the success behind Happy London. We have big plans for Happy here in the UK, this is just the beginning.” – General Manager Niya Popova When you are exploring London, it can be incredibly difficult to settle on a place to eat, as the choice is almost endless. Frequently cited as one of Central London’s best restaurants, Happy London frees you from this burden by simply being terrific and perfect for all generations and any occasion. Although we may be celebrating this branch of Happy as the Most Family-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurant 2024 – London, this does not mean it is any way unsuitable for couples, friendship groups, or even solo diners, as everybody here is treated as an equal and offered fantastic service along with top-quality food and drink. The next time you find yourself venturing into Central London, keep Happy London in mind when your stomach begins to rumble. Of course, with more than 35 of the chain’s restaurants also dotted across Bulgaria and Spain, readers in those countries can too experience a similarly unrivalled culinary journey, the likes of which only Happy can provide. On this, the chain’s 30th anniversary of the opening of its first restaurant, it is our privilege to celebrate Happy London in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024 and wish this family-oriented chain nothing but the best for the years ahead. Contact: Emma Bolton Company: Happy London Web Address: