Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

Jun22596 20 | LUXlife Magazine Nicolas Kröger first discovered the bar, a former cigar lounge, by pure coincidence and was astonished that it had fallen into disuse. Nicolas is the founder of Wagemut, a family business that produces fine spirits with character. He was inspired to collaborate with Grand Hotel Wien to rejuvenate the bar and create unforgettable experiences for local and international guests. With an impressive hospitality background, Nicolas has held positions at the Ritz London, One & Only Maldives, and the South African Butler School. Throughout his career, Nicolas has developed a meticulous eye for detail and fuelled his passion for alcohol. The Wagemut brand is dedicated to barrel aging and bottles fantastic Rum in different qualities. Among Kavalierbar Wagemut’s many offerings the bar is passionate about highlighting local and regional products, promoting funky distilled spirits from small Austrian producers such as fruit brandies from renowned distillers Georg Hiebl and Josef Farthofer, some of the most high-regarded distillers in the world. The bar boasts 150 brandies and spirits and an extensive selection of Armagnac, Rum, Whisky, and cocktails. Kavalierbar Wagemut’s signature cocktail is the Rum-Cask Manhatten, which is poured tableside from a one-of-a-kind cask trolley. Bartender Gregor Eisele says, “Nicolas was fascinated by the art of service using martini trolleys in London. He wanted to do the same but different. Step up the game and focus on aged spirits with history. That’s how the Rum-Cask Manhattan was born. We prepare this drink directly at the table. Our one-of-a-kind rum trolley is an eye-catching bar station on wheels. “The 14 year old Kavalier Single Cask Rum is a testament to the complexity of rum, and we are honoured to offer this experience straight from the cask. By blending this rum with other special fortified wines, such as a 10 year old PX-Sherry and a 14 year old Austrian pear dessert wine, we create a symphony of taste that is truly remarkable. These spirits are already wonderful on their own, but by marrying them together in a single drink, we create an even better experience.” From its location on the first floor of the hotel, the Kavalierbar Wagemut has a stunning view of the Vienna’s famous Ringstrasse. The bar area Feb24344 Best Luxury Cocktail Bar 2024 - Austria Located in the heart of Vienna, Kavalierbar Wagemut resides within the Grand Hotel Wien, one of the city’s most luxurious hotels. Under the stewardship of Mr. Nicolas Kröger, the vibrant bar opened in 2023 to provide guests with immersive drinking experiences. Recognised in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards, Kavalierbar Wagemut is a unique bar concept that attracts an eclectic mix of guests with its matchless selection of aged spirits and local Austrian offerings. features comfortable chairs and sofas, dark wood, and a beautiful open bar that provides the ideal setting for private conversations and casual meetings. The Kavalierbar Wagemut has garnered an illustrious reputation as one of the most exclusive bars in the city for its combination of authentic customer service and unique atmosphere.