Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 23 Capturing the very essence of Indian fine dining, Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant is a Newbury Park-based restaurant that offers a flavourful and traditional menu that’s specifically designed to delight and entice. Possessing multiple accolades, in tandem with intricate roots that stretch deep into the realm of Indian cuisine, the establishment has become a hotspot for any seeking an exemplary dining experience – from those visiting London, to regular locals who find themselves unable to resist its allure. Join us as we delve into how Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant creates an exemplary insight into the detailed world of Indian cuisine. Best Indian Restaurant 2024 - Essex upholding an astounding level of quality is no easy feat, and yet Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant has managed to tread the fine line between offering exceptional food and remaining diligent and flexible in its approach to Indian cuisine. With chefs hailing from some of the best hotel brands in India, and its ability to face any challenge, no matter how intense, Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant is a wonderful example of a restaurant that’s willing to do what it takes to earn the reviews it receives. Throughout its lifespan, it has accumulated a hefty collection of glowing testimonials, each praising the restaurant on all of its assets. From its atmosphere to its food, Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant is constantly breaking the mould, resulting in a varied menu of delectable dishes that need to be tasted to be believed. It's for this very reason that we’re eager to present Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant with this award. Its dedication to bringing authentic Indian cuisine to the region is beyond admirable, with its unbridled passion for its craft only empowering it further. Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant stands as a pillar of culinary wonder, and we can’t wait to see how it adapts as the demand for more Indian delicacies trickle in. We’re certain that, regardless of the request, the establishment will exceed expectations to deliver an Indian fine dining experience unlike any other. Contact: Dhiren Sanghani Company: Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant Web Address: Address: 2 Greengate Parade, Horns Road, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6BE ecently presented with the Blue Ribbon National Good Food 2023 Award for delicious food, in addition to the London Curry Award 2023, Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant is a widely renowned establishment, known for its delectable vegetarian, vegan, and nonvegetarian Indian dishes. Since 2017, it has amassed recognition for being one of the only restaurants of its nature to offer luxurious Indian fine dining to the Newbury Park area, resulting in a tremendous amount of support from locals and tourists alike. Be it due to its exceptional food, or its wide selection of cocktails and Indian draught beers, Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant upholds a level of quality that sees guests returning time and time again. Though it opened its doors in 2017, Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant’s legacy dates all the way back to 1977. Consistently embodying the very meaning of gastronomical homage, the restaurant began as Vijay’s Chawalla, situated in Upton Park, Forest Gate. Serving Indian vegetarian fast food, the establishment quickly amassed a level of demand that simply had to be met – demand that thusly resulted in the creation of Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant itself. Boasting a rich history and an unapologetic commitment to crafting traditional Indian dishes, the restaurant has become a staple among East London and Essex’s food lovers, with its reputable quality lending to the establishment’s coveted nature. In fact, this versatility is what truly distinguishes Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant from other restaurants within the area. While most may be tempted to stay rooted in their ways, Vijay’s Virasat Restaurant is instead prepared to adapt and integrate new ideas into its menu, managing to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern eatery trends. One example of this is the establishment’s recent venture into event catering – a service that came to be as a direct result of the increased demand from its loyal clientele. Catering to the needs of others while R