Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

26 | LUXlife Magazine Most Innovative Yakiniku Style Restaurant 2024 – Japan ‘Yakiniku’, or ‘grilled meat’, is a term used throughout much of Korean and Japanese cuisine. With a rich history behind it, the popularity of yakiniku restaurants continues to grow. Therefore, it’s important to note Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa’s contribution to the cuisine in Funabashi, and Japan as a whole. Here we explore the wonders of Yakiniku cuisine as Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa is bestowed with its title in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024. Yakiniku restaurants allow their customers access to their own grill, fresh raw meat, and vegetables to cook themselves. However, this practice is not to remove the services and expertise of a chef, it is to provide people with an experience that they will be able to participate in, learn from, and enjoy whenever possible. Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa is dedicated to teaching its guests how to correctly grill their horumon (or motsu) – which refers to organ meat, giblets, and other types of offal meat – while enjoying their time with friends and family within its stylish setting. The restaurant is decorated with beautiful, natural wood features and mellow lights to set a relaxing atmosphere. There is both a banquet table near the entrance and table seats in the center where guests can truly take in their surroundings as they learn to perfectly grill their meat and vegetables. Just a two-minute walk from the south exit of Nishi-Funabashi, Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa is just a stone’s throw away from the railway station which connects an endless stream of guests to its doors. Coming from all over the world, the restaurant’s customers consist of regular, local visitors in addition to people passing through the city who would like to experience something entirely new – or something so familiar that it makes them feel like they are home again. This restaurant’s team of employees enjoy providing excellent customer service, while simultaneously sharing their expertise in yakiniku cuisine, so that their guests can feel comfortable, happy, and fulfilled throughout their time at Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa. Furthermore, Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa encourages as much feedback as possible so that it can continually improve its services to suit the needs of the people it works so hard to serve well. Always striving to build upon its customer relationships, management skills, and services as a whole, Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa is a prime example of a restaurant that truly cares about its guests. Owner Hayabusa Suda prides himself on the excellence which is demonstrated across the restaurant’s service and menu. Hayabusa-san manages everything within the award-winning restaurant with the comfort of guests in mind, and he ensures that his staff members are wellversed in the delivery of the most elevated yakiniku education and preparation. The staff at Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa all hold a common goal – to serve customers with an innovative, devoted, and exciting approach. They each share the beauty of yakiniku with their customers, especially in relation to mottainai. As the concept of mottainai – avoiding wastefulness – is extremely prevalent throughout Japanese cultural history, Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa’s menu is full to the brim with rare, hand-cut, horumon yakiniku – accompanied by fresh vegetables – which combats food waste, as well as providing nutritious meals for its customers. Awarded with its title of Most Innovative Yakiniku Style Restaurant 202, Japan, Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa has gained recognition in our prestigious Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024. We’re sure to see the restaurant continue to thrive as it fully immerses its guests in nutritious, exciting, and delicious cuisine. Congratulations. Contact: Hayabusa Suda Company: Horumon Yakiniku Hayabusa Web Address: