Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

28 | LUXlife Magazine ince its inception, Amano Family Farm has prided itself on its minute attention to detail and commitment to exceeding diners’ expectations. Since 1995, the farm has remained steadfast in the production of succulent meat that is packed with flavour. As an authentic charcoal grilled meat restaurant, the business prioritises the freshness of its meat, which is fragrantly cooked with binchotan charcoal to preserve its original taste. Binchotan charcoal has a high heat power which ensures beef stays crisp on the outside while remaining juicy on the inside. Shiraoi beef is notorious for its moist fat and tender meat which create an irresistible melt-in-the-mouth sensation. With a variety of cuts and cooking methods, Shiraoi beef is extremely versatile and can offer many different flavours and textures. The restaurant’s high-grade products ensure Amano Family Farm deliver unrivalled dining experiences that capture the authentic charm of Shiraoi beef. Amano Family Farm works in collaboration with a local meat sommelier, whose role is to ensure product quality. It is the restaurant’s primary objective to ensure that it offers customers only the finest meat available. Cows are reared on premium feed and provided with spacious grounds to ensure they yield consistently delicious meat. Amano Family Farm uses the whole cow to eliminate wastage and allow its diners to try unusual cuts of meat that are usually difficult to eat. To ensure exceptional freshness, the owners only process the necessary amount of meat each time. The family restaurant has cultivated an environment of innovation with its team dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service. Every few months, Amano Family Farm refreshes its menu with new specialities to delight the senses. Kimchi with seasonal vegetables has been a popular addition that has seen customers return time and time again. Customers can experience the farm’s natural surroundings with views of the restaurant’s beautiful garden and colourful foliage. During the warmer seasons, guests can enjoy their meal on the terrace while taking in the splendid Hokkaido scenery. Within its natural garden, the restaurant also boasts playground equipment for the enjoyment of younger visitors. In addition to its revered restaurant, Amano Family Farm also sells its delectable meat in the form of short ribs, ribeye, tenderloin steaks, shoulder loins, and homemade hamburger steaks. With an efficient shipping system, products are transported directly from the ranch to ensure the business delivers only the freshest aged white beef. After the Covid pandemic, the restaurant took time to take stock and analyse its customer base. For its local community, Amano Family Farm Best Yakiniku Restaurant of the Year 2024 - Hokkaido Located in Hokkaido, Japan, Amano Family Farm is a Yakiniku restaurant specialising in Shiraoi beef, a brand of Japanese black cattle. After graduating with proficient knowledge and experience from a high-end yakiniku restaurant, Katsuto Amano became the Representative Director of Amano Family Farm. Renowned for its offerings of delicious food, Amano Family Farm has gained an illustrious reputation as one of the most exclusive dining experiences in Hokkaido. has become a haven, offering bookings for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Moving forward, the Amano family aims to expand its reach overseas with more shipping options so that customers can enjoy fresh Shiraoi beef from the comfort of their own homes. Over the coming year, the restaurant will continue to review its food and drink menus and resume its soft serve ice cream sales in April. For 25 years, Amano Family Farm has been a beacon of flavour for its close-knit community with delicious offerings of fresh aged white beef. Shiraoi beef has a rich history in Japan which the Amano family celebrates through its authentic farming methods and cooking techniques. Recognised in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards, Amano Family Farm has become revered for its exquisite food, quality commitment, and unparalleled dining experiences. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for the restaurant as it continues to push the boundaries of taste and innovation. Contact: Katsuhito Amano Company: Amano Family Farm Web Address: S