Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 31 Widely regarded as a culinary destination that’s deeply rooted in tradition, passion, and authenticity, Kiri Thai is a Kailua Kona-based Thai Restaurant that marries the rich flavours of Thailand with the ‘aloha spirit’ of Hawaii to bring an entirely new dining experience to the area. Priding itself on its consistency and dish quality, the restaurant has created a welcoming environment that not only guarantees a fantastic dining experience, but seeks to foster a community centered around the appreciation of delectable dishes. Below, we explore how Kiri Thai has earned its position among Hawaii’s most prestigious restaurants. Best Thai Restaurant 2024 - Hawaii whether a guest is well versed in the tastes of Thailand, or is embarking on their very first venture through Thailand’s culinary capabilities, Kiri Thai promises to reflect the intricacies that partner crafting such divine dishes. From its signature Pork Belly dish, to its traditional Pad Thai, the establishment is committed to imbuing each creation with love and attention to detail. As a result of such unwavering dedication, Kiri Thai has become synonymous with consistency. No matter how extensively a customer may explore the establishment’s menu, they can expect to receive a meal that captures an unparalleled level of genuine excellence each and every time. Authenticity has always been paramount to the restaurant when it comes to the crafting of its meals, but the only way to achieve such an outcome is to meticulously align oneself with a dish’s origins. Kiri Thai embodies this notion flawlessly, and it’s a characteristic that it truly prides itself on. It revels in presenting food that guests can enjoy time and time again, and has therefore created a method of cooking that is nothing short of timeless. Though it may evolve and adapt its menu to cater to emerging trends and tastes, Kiri Thai refuses to lose sight of this consistency, allowing it to continuously wow the people of Hawaii. At Kiri Thai, ensuring that every dish maintains a consistent level of excellence in both flavour and presentation is simply non-negotiable. As such, it has gone above and beyond to source chefs who, no matter the complexity of a dish, are wholly committed to meticulously crafting each recipe in order to capture the authentic taste profiles of traditional Thai cuisine. Whether they’re striking the perfect balance of spices or harmonising flavour combinations to elicit a sense of edible elegance, these chefs strive to deliver an exceptional experience with every bite. It’s for this very reason that Kiri Thai has earned itself such an impeccable reputation within Hawaii’s hospitality industry – a reputation that’s beyond well-deserved. LUXLife Magazine is always looking to highlight the brilliance of those within the restaurant and bar industry, and no better is this seen within Hawaii than through Kiri Thai. With a dedication to distinguishing itself through quality cooking and a commitment to consistency, the establishment exemplifies the best of the trade, and we simply can’t wait to see its continued success throughout the remainder of 2024. Contact: Vipaporn Larsson Company: Kiri Thai Web Address: hai cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most flavourful and enticing forms of food, with its sensational tastes requiring a skilled hand to be properly infused into even a single dish. Thankfully, Vipaporn Larsson – owner of Kiri Thai – has become a master of achieving this very effect, with her previous endeavours in Thailand lending to her impressive skillset. Having initially ran a successful Thai restaurant in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Vipaporn found herself eager to showcase her talents upon relocating to Hawaii. And so, in 2021, Kiri Thai was born – an establishment whose dedication to quality throughout every aspect of the restaurant stands as a testament to its owner’s passion. Since opening its doors in 2021, Kiri Thai has impressed and enticed a wide range of people. From locals to tourists alike, the restaurant has become a hot topic for any hoping to sample genuine Thai cuisine. Each dish is not only prepared to the utmost level of quality, but also captures the very essence of the culture it’s representing. As such, regardless of T