Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

32 | LUXlife Magazine stablished in 2013, Luna Blu was born after Renzo and Crystal had experienced Tiburon during their honeymoon. The pair’s love of authentic Italian cuisine and stellar customer service resulted in their optimistic embarkment on a new journey. The couple’s warmth, passion, and dedication to providing the best service to their customers worked as a catalyst for their tremendous success, and they quickly saw that their restaurant would become a place that people wouldn’t forget. With his Sicilian heritage, Renzo brings generations of culinary expertise to Luna Blu’s kitchen, infusing each recipe with a rich tapestry of both tradition and innovation. It was amidst the idyllic ambience of Tiburon that Renzo and Crystal discovered a vacant waterfront gem which they made their own and transformed into a hotspot for the highest quality Italian seafood with a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere to add to the experience of each guest. Furthermore, renowned for a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Luna Blu proudly partnered with Monterey Aquarium to serve only the freshest and most ethically sourced seafood, ensuring that every bite supports the preservation of precious marine ecosystems. From succulent scallops to aromatic salmon, every dish is a testament to Luna Blu’s dedication when it comes to preserving nature’s bounty for future generations. Luna Blu sets the scene for any number of celebrations within its walls, and countless couples have started their journey to forever from its warm embrace. First dates blossom into lifelong love stories amidst the flickering candlelight and intimate atmosphere, and precious moments are shared between its guests no matter the occasion. Additionally, Luna Blu’s expanded patio, born out of the challenges of the COVID era, has Best Authentic Italian Seafood Restaurant 2024 – California Founded by Executive Chef Renzo Azzarello and his wife Crystal, Luna Blu is an authentic Italian seafood restaurant based along the tranquil waterfront of Tiburon. This restaurant is a culinary haven where the founders’ love and passion for gourmet Italian cuisine is stirred into every dish served. To celebrate its success in winning its title in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024, we got in touch with Crystal to learn more about this restaurant’s offerings, atmosphere, and sustainable contribution to its community. only served to enhance the enchantment of waterfront dining, inviting guests to enjoy every moment beneath the starlit sky. From passionate chefs crafting culinary masterpieces to dedicated staff ensuring impeccable service, Luna Blu exudes an aura of warmth and hospitality that lingers long after taking the last bite. Beyond its edible delights, Luna Blu is a testament to community spirit and family values. Every member of Luna Blu’s team is treated with the same respect and kindness that defines their interactions with guests. It’s a culture of inclusivity and friendship where new recruits are welcomed with open arms and nurtured to unleash their full potential. As Luna Blu embraces the dawn of a new era, the introduction to stateof-the-art technology promises to elevate the dining experience to new heights. With SpotOn’s cutting-edge point-of-sale systems, Luna Blu is all set to streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction, ensuring that every visit is one they will always remember. Moreover, Luna Blu is a tale of passion, perseverance, and the timeless allure of gastronomy that invites everyone to become a part of this extraordinary place. Luna Blu has been awarded with the prestigious title of Best Authentic Italian Seafood Restaurant 2024 – California for its dedication to elevating dining experiences and we have no doubt that the restaurant will go on to alter the idea of culinary perfection for the foreseeable future. From its sustainable, authentic Italian seafood to its unwavering commitment to community, Luna Blu is an example of the enduring power of love, happiness, and the shared joy of a memorable dining experience. Contact: Crystal Azzarello Company: Luna Blu Web Address: E