Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

38 | LUXlife Magazine Indian Restaurant of the Year 2024 - Doha Dalchini Restaurant is just one of the tremendous speciality dining experiences you can enjoy at Centara West Bay Hotel & Residences, a luxury hotel situated at the heart of Doha, Qatar’s vibrant business and financial district. Famed for its progressive Indian cuisine, this award-winning Indian restaurant channels the diversity of the country’s native dishes and puts its own unique twist on them, much to the enjoyment of its patrons from all over the world, before serving them in a modern setting with a fantastic atmosphere that is sure to leave you wanting to visit time and again. Located on the ground floor of Centara West Bay Hotel & Residences, Dalchini Restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner and welcomes food lovers from across the globe to enjoy spectacular food in a tranquil environment defined by a soothing ambiance consisting of dimmed lights, green hues, and the occasional splash of bright colour. Headed up by the renowned Chef Balwant, every dish of authentic Indian cuisine served in this establishment seeks to strike the balance between the familiar and the innovative, all the while serving as a feast for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds. The a la carte menu at Dalchini Restaurant features a number of appetisers spanning salads to meat fresh from the grill, with some of its signature items including the Dalchini keto salad and Dalchini kebab smoked platter. Equally as impressive are the main courses, classics with a twist that consist of such favourites as spice crusted salmon and saag. Available to accompany these are a series of sides, rice, and breads, and for scrumptious desserts are then offered to finish things off in the right way. These include the noteworthy Dalchini rice kheer, a cinnamon rice pudding dish. Every Friday from noon until 16:30hrs, an exciting alternate menu is then on offer as part of the Dalchini Social Brunch, an event where guests can pay one fixed fee (or a bit extra should they seek out a series of enhanced beverages) and enjoy three delicious courses and a series of soft drinks. On these days, there is also an extended brunch happy hour running from noon right through to 19:00hrs, with the entirety of this culinary adventure complemented perfectly by modern Indian lounge music that adds to the overall feel of the authentic Indian dining experience already connoted by the sights, tastes, and smells. 75 seats line this restaurant that stands as a fitting tribute to the historic trade routes, traditional Arab markets, and the colourful spices the land is famous for, with the team at this bustling luxury eatery drawing inspiration from an exotic past and the joining of cultures through trade, philosophy, and culture. The result is an escapade like no other that can be found across Doha, made more unique earlier this year when Dalchini opened an outdoor terrace after a period of renovation and expansion. This was also undertaken alongside the implementation of new menu concepts with delectable, innovative dishes. Leveraging this new open-air hangout, Dalchini also introduced a revolutionary Ayush menu concept, a sustainable health-focused vegetarian menu presents a harmonious blend of nutritious ingredients, promising a culinary journey that promotes well-being without compromising on taste. Complementing this offering is the delicious Tapas menu, showcasing a medley of vibrant flavours and textures expertly crafted to tantalise discerning tastebuds. These dishes are so tasty and have been so well received that their appeal goes beyond just vegetarian diners, with meat-eaters and those with other dietary requirements travelling far and wide to sample the food that has been the talk of the town. As a representative for the hotel and restaurant tells us, “Our goal is to expand the restaurant’s customer base and solidify its reputation as a preferred destination for vegetarian cuisine.” This is not the only development that Dalchini Restaurant has undertaken in recent months, with a Tandoor tapas menu having also been unveiled, this along with shisha options and international beverages that celebrate the diverse clientele attracted to this sublime Indian eatery. Aside from the internals, this revamp also saw the restaurant acquire a branding refresh. Things do not stop here, with the team currently looking at the possibility of introducing two Michelin chefs to the kitchen, yielding further innovation and quality for happy diners in the process. In short, Dalchini Restaurant is the perfect choice for an authentic Indian meal with a progressive twist in Doha, something corroborated by the more than 320 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor that sing the praises of this hidden gem in Qatar’s capital. Contact: Mohammad Zameer Company: Dalchini Restaurant Web Address: