Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 39 If you seek a unique dining experience like no other, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur is home to Rock Salt Restaurant, a brilliant fusion eatery that seamlessly combines Mongolian cuisine with the tastes of Malaysia. This character-filled restaurant provides dishes that are each dripping with their own sense of exclusivity and distinction, and nowhere is this embodied better than in its signature offering, whereby fresh food is cooked on a salt block right at your table. The results are outstanding, with dishes prepared in this manner packing in more flavour and boasting an improved texture. Best Fusion Restaurant 2024 Kuala Lumpur & Customer Service Excellence Award Rock Salt Restaurant Besides these stones and slabs, Rock Salt Restaurant’s menu is lined with a number of dishes that are suitable for all palates, with some of the best pasta and pizza dishes for miles around served right here. Lamb and mutton are also specialties of Asian cuisine, and they make a particularly strong showing in the form of a BBQ skewer and Mongolian fried rice, to name just a couple. Completing the menu are a choice selection of salads and soups, and why not finish things off with an authentic dessert, made using only the freshest and sweetest ingredients to end your culinary journey in the right way. Wash this all down with a number of beverages, that, once more, offer some of the best of this wonderful fusion experiment. It has been more than 10 years now since Rock Salt Restaurant first set out on this journey, an adventure that can be traced back to those behind the scenes visiting the mystical land of Mongolia for the first time. After experiencing the unique, underrated flavours there for themselves, they were struck by a sudden desire to bring together the best parts of Mongolia and their native Malaysia to create the ultimate recipe for success and a fitting tribute to these two breathtaking locations. As one of the first restaurants of its kind, even after all this time, there is still an unwavering desire to educate and excite, something achieved using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Regardless of your culinary preferences, you are sure to enjoy the intimate and personable experience afforded at Rock Salt Restaurant. The atmosphere here is like no other, the service is tremendous, and the dishes are perfected on an ongoing basis by a team of exceptional professional chefs. In short, if there ever was a perfect MongolianMalaysian fusion restaurant, it lies here, in the very heart of Kuala Lumpur. Contact: Tony Lim Company: Rock Salt Restaurant Web Address: ock Salt Restaurant’s 500-degree Fahrenheit hot salt block cooks meat and seafood superbly, retaining all of the heat necessary for you to enjoy your one-of-a-kind culinary journey without having to rush. This marvellous way of cooking not only improves flavour and is aesthetically pleasing, but the anti-microbial surface of the block and the more than 80 trace minerals it houses make it a healthy alternative with a more complex, refined taste than that provided by ordinary table salt. Sourced from naturally occurring Himalayan salt, this method of serving is just as integral to the overall providing of an authentic Asian dining experience as the food itself. The standout here is the selection of fresh fish served on an orange salt slab, with diners given the choice between a grilled whole sea bass or salmon trout filet, a Greenland halibut filet, and two sizes of coral trout. Your enviable position does not end here, as patrons must then decide on their topping, with options spanning a spicy sriracha sauce, a yakitori glaze, a rock salt flake and garlic rosemary, and blackened seasoning. All of these seafood dishes are complemented nicely by fresh, lightly spiced potato wedges and a house salad that adds some bright splashes of colour to your meal. After only a short preparation period, watch as this magic unfolds before your very eyes. Those who prefer something a little more traditional may find themselves leaning towards steak served on a classic stone, and with a handful of the most delectable meat cuts to choose from, meat lovers will relish the opportunity to sample their trusted favourites with a unique twist. From its grass-fed medallion and filet mignon through to the Australian black angus sirloin and rib eyes, the steak dishes at Rock Salt restaurant truly special. This is not to mention the seasonal premium Australian Wagyu steaks that round out these delicious options. With a lobster tail and foie gras available as add-ons, all served with a carb-based and a vegetable or salad side, your ultimate steak experience awaits. R