Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

44 | LUXlife Magazine 918 Heritage Bar invites you to take a step a back in time. This to a period reminiscent of the mansion’s heyday, where elaborate parties hosting prominent members of high society were a regular occurrence at this beautiful heritage property. All of this can be enjoyed through a unique lens that takes the best parts of the vintage aesthetic and combines them with a modern atmosphere to offer patrons a truly unique and memorable experience that they will savour long after the night has ended. From its superb live bands at the weekend through to these exhilarating late-night parties, 1918 Heritage Bar is stepped in nostalgia and joy. Every drink lining this bar is a part of a meticulously crafted selection of beverages that are reflective of both timeless classics and mixtures inspired by local events that cannot be found anywhere else. Further adding to the prestige of these signature concoctions is the fact they are all named after a happening of significance that can be tied to either the mansion itself or the hill on which it was built. Then comes the food, and with this kitchen team possessing a love of the Asian spices and culinary delights synonymous with the region, rest assured all of your food and drink choices are crafted by experts wholly passionate about their produce. With great food, better drink, and a lifestyle venue nestled against a stunning backdrop, this team have all they need to thrive in the sector, but they nevertheless strive to constantly update and expand their offerings to double down on the triumphs of this most unique heritage bar. Since opening its doors for the first time back in 2023, this venue has continued to host increasingly niche themed parties, and also offers seasonal beverages over the holidays and other such happy hour promotions, the purpose of which are to cater effectively to the evolving needs of its customer base. Quality and consistency are prized at 1918 Heritage Bar in equal measure, and to ensure that this is the case across the board, staff review all of the food and drink on the menu once every month, as well as addressing any feedback left in online reviews and from customers in-person to continuously streamline their offerings. This commitment to quality starts and ends with this dedicated team, and as a spokesperson for the bar clarifies, “every team member has a part to play in the development of our bar’s concept and menu. From the bartenders to the chefs, service staff, marketing, and even the concierge team, all are involved.” Looking ahead to the future, the team at 1918 Heritage Bar believe that 2024 will see an increase in the emerging agave spirits (tequila and mezcal) trend, with a close eye also being kept on dark spirits, another particularly fruitful area of the market. Then there are the environmentally Heritage Bar of the Year 2024 - Singapore Situated on the first level of Singapore’s Alkaff Mansion, an early 20th-century bungalow that can be found within the borders of the sprawling Telok Blangah Hill Park, is 1918 Hertiage Bar, a recently opened establishment that seeks to celebrate the Alkaff family’s legacy and the waves they made in the spice trade. Christened after the year that this bungalow was built, the bar seeks to reflect the more than a century of culture that has been housed here with a number of diverse, signature cocktails and distinctive local food showcasing the spices that make this pocket of the world famous. conscious drinkers, who seek to know more about the ingredients that go into their cocktails and how sustainable they are, a target group that our contact believes ultimately helps bars like this one to craft better cocktails in the long run. With this in mind, a number of new cocktails with locally sourced ingredients are currently in the works. As 2024 rolls on, 1918 Heritage Bar is looking forward to the illustrious parties and events that it is hosting now on a monthly basis, and in the coming year, new happenings are set to launch, namely a jazz night and a live grill night. Perhaps most excitingly, the bar has plans for exclusive events at The Alkaff Mansion where “gatherings will be a rare treat, and guests from the 1918 Heritage Bar will be among the select few invited to attend. It's our way of honouring our shared heritage and extending a warm invitation to those who appreciate life's finer pleasures. Stay tuned for more details as we're still in the initial stages of planning.” All of this, and more, further highlights the elite distinction of this award-winning heritage bar in the heart of Singapore. Contact: Jessie Tan Company: 1918 Heritage Bar Web Address: 1