Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

50 | LUXlife Magazine Best Artisan Coffee Manufacturer 2024 – Hungary Making the perfect cup of coffee is an art-form often overlooked. Behind each coffee bean stands a proud roasting master with years spent dedicated to honing the craft. Here, we look at the expert care that J-Delikat KFT puts into the production of its coffee beans, and just how that process works. 1989 marked the end of a regime in Hungary, but for many, it also marked the beginning of new opportunities. In 1996, downtown Győr, J-Delikat KFT became the first artisanal roasted coffee manufacturer in the country, inspired by coffee factories already established in Hamburg. The first instance of coffee in Hungary was purportedly from a Turkish merchant in 1579. While it was not instantly popular in Hungary, neighbouring country Austria had a thriving culture of coffee drinking. Following the AustroHungary compromise of 1867, coffee drinking began to encroach into daily Hungarian life. Over the years, many coffeeshops started to pop up around the country, especially in capital Budapest, and became a haven for artists and creatives to inhabit while they worked. The formation of the Soviet Union in the early 20th century saw Hungary’s coffee-culture come to an abrupt halt. It was not until the late 20th century, proceeding the dissolution of the Soviet Union, that coffee shops began to pop up around the country again, with J-Delikat KFT being the first. As its menu and processes have changed with time, the company’s love for artisanal coffee has remained unchanged. New technology that improves the quality of its products is eagerly introduced but, in some cases, the traditional methods have often been perfected with experience and will remain as they are unless alteration is necessary. J-Delikat KFT has adopted technology to make the process smoother; it is now able to measure the sugar levels, moisture content, density, and water activity, all of which have a factor on the roasting profile of the beans. A process that has remained mainly unchanged is the harvesting of raw materials. This process can take over ten months from flowering to harvest. When the coffee cherries are ready for harvesting, they are processed, and the coffee bean is acquired from within. Afterwards, the beans are rested, which has a strong impact on the quality of the coffee depending on the humidity and transport conditions. The team at J-Delikat KFT are experts and must stay ahead of the trends. The company understands the developing needs of its clients and how they may change over time, recognising that there is an increasing interest in special coffees, serving methods, and milk alternatives that can impact the flavour profile of its products. Each month, the company taste tests approximately 50 coffee samples for its line. From the samples, the best two are selected. The employees have access to a library of coffee literature, both Hungarian and international, to further develop their understandings. In addition to this, the team regularly attend professional presentations and visit coffee farms for field-training. J-Delikat KFT has also extended this knowled ge onto its website for clients, including a detailed base of coffee knowledge, a test to determine individualised flavour profiles, and tips for making coffee with various devices. The website for customers to achieve similar results from home and shows exactly why the company is a master in its field. Whilst acknowledging the importance of roasting methods and production processes is paramount, there is also a social aspect of coffee consumption that must be addressed to connect with potential patrons. J-Delikat KFT believes that music and coffee complement each other perfectly and has hosted many events in which Hungary’s finest musicians perform concerts on its terrace. This makes the act of drinking coffee transcend beyond a menial act and become an experience that connects individuals over shared interests. J-Delikat KFT is looking forward to the release of new products and packaging in 2024. Its coffee products are now available in resealable metal packaging, which assists in preserving the exquisite coffee flavours for longer. For European customers, J-Delikat KFT offers a range of CUP of Excellence products, including this year’s winners. The interesting blend of new, innovating technology paired with traditional methods of production mean that J-Delikat KFT’s customers continue to receive only the very best service. Contact: János Németh Company: J-Delikat KFT Web Address: