Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 53 Best Seasonal Bar & Restaurant 2024 Dumfries & Galloway The year is 2018, and a historical Scottish public house has found itself in dire need of somebody willing to breathe new life into its premises. Enter Janie Seaton – a woman who was looking for a new challenge after 16 years raising a family. Janie was prepared to embark on the lengthy journey necessary to transform this blank slate into a traditional inn imbued with the essence of Scotland. Now, folks from all walks of life have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Scottish traditions of drinking, eating, and enjoying a bonny time with one another. Whether pooch or person, everyone is welcome in the award-winning Black Bull, and we venture into how Janie has tirelessly worked to create this very atmosphere. Recognised as one of the best hotels in Moffat, The Black Bull Inn is a timeless testament to the world of traditional Scotland. From its candle lit spaces and roaring fire, to its tartan carpets, low beams, and overall cosiness, the establishment which boasts National Poet, Robert Burns, as its most famous patron, promises to whisk guests back to the days of old – a time when random folks became lifelong friends over a drink and a homemade meal. Revisiting the roots of human connections is where The Black Bull began, and it has developed on this approach since Janie first held the keys. As such, not only are people welcome to enjoy the ambiance, but their curious canines are welcomed with open arms. After all, what bond is stronger than those forged between dog owners? Offering an array of menu’s catering to all needs, main menu, plus vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and one just for canines, the inn has quickly become the perfect choice for those looking to indulge in quality food, without having to leave their pups out of the fun. Prepared inhouse, to only the highest of standards, and in line with traditional home-made recipes, The Black Bull’s cuisine guarantees an authentic experience with every bite. If patrons wish to partner their meals with a fitting drink, the establishment provides an ample selection of ales, gins, beers, and premium draught for guests to enjoy. Before transforming The Black Bull into what it is today, Janie knew exactly what she wanted, and pursued only the best products available. As a result, guests are granted access to the inn’s top quality cask, an exquisite wine list featuring two champagnes and a range of excellent house recommendations that never fail to disappoint. Despite this exceptional quality, The Black Bull doesn’t limit enjoyment through cost, and keeps meals, drinks, and services affordable. Keeping in line with the desire to tailor the establishment to those hoping to travel back to community-centric times, The Black Bull has gone above and beyond to make itself as accessible as possible. In doing so, it’s created a crucible within which connections between people and pooches come naturally. Since first turning her attention toward upscaling The Black Bull, Janie has worked to provide her patrons with the opportunity to enjoy Scottish hospitality as it once was – where patrons enjoy quality food, settle in a comfortable atmosphere, and share stories with fellow customers. As evidenced by its success, it’s clear Janie has long since triumphed in her goal of offering such a space. In fact, her achievement of excellence has recently been highlighted by one of her most astounding accomplishments to date – one she worked to achieve since taking over the Inn - being deemed a suitable hotel partner by none other than luxury toiletries brand, Molton Brown London. The Black Bull Inn truly is a passion project that reaped the rewards of its owner’s vision from the moment it welcomed its first patron. Now, it’s recognised as one of the best restaurants in Moffat, with this reputation further extending to its hotel facilities. And, as a dog friendly hotel and bar, the allure for indulging in olde worlde Scottish ambiance has never been stronger. We hope that we can one day bring our pooches to visit the humble abode that is The Black Bull Inn, Moffat. Contact: Janie Seaton Company: The Black Bull Hotel Moffat Limited Web Address: