Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

54 | LUXlife Magazine Best Contemporary Mediterranean Restaurant 2024 - Malta Residing in the charming town of Sliema, Malta, Maggie’s Restaurant offers a home away from home for guests seeking extraordinary dining experiences. With its fresh approach to classic Mediterranean and Local cuisine, diners can indulge in innovative dishes in a comfortable, fun atmosphere that values guest satisfaction above all else. At Maggie’s, guests are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome as if coming home after a long time away. With its blend of upbeat music and friendly service, the restaurant has created a homely environment where diners are free to socialise, relax, and experience some of the best homemade meals around. Every dish is made with love and the team is dedicated to delivering service with a smile. The restaurant specialises in Mediterranean dishes and traditional Maltese cuisine with a signature twist. Consistency is key at Maggie’s, however, the menu is continuously evolving with creative input from its talented chefs. A few of its celebrated dishes include Pulled Rabbit Garganelle, a slow-cooked rabbit pasta served with creamy Rabbit Jus, and Maltese Sausage in Tempura, accompanied by a rich Arjoli Dip. Other guest favourites are Homemade Gnocchi and Braised Pork Cheeks. Fresh Focaccia and crispy Arancini are served upon arrival. When it comes to libations, Maggie’s offers an eclectic range of beverages from sparkling wines and champagne to local beers and delicious spirits. Its refreshing cocktails are crafted with a flair of passion and the menu is frequently reimagined according to the season. On their experience, Momentix M. shares, “This is one of the most memorable restaurants we visited on our trip to Malta with welcoming staff, good humour, and excellent service! The food was freshly cooked, and the taste was unbelievable. It is also a great place to take a drink or a cocktail. It's a super cosy place where I personally find the time flies by because you're having such a great time.” “We don’t serve customers, we host guests.” Guest satisfaction resides at the heart of Maggie’s, demonstrated through its commitment to high-quality ingredients and superior service. These core values have earned the restaurant a revered reputation, with footfall increasing every year as word of mouth spreads about its tantalising offerings. A key member of the team is host Maggie, a three-year-old Pomeranian who always takes the time to greet her valued guests. Maggie has dedicated her life to the restaurant and can often be found roaming the tables, making sure everyone is having the best possible dining experience. The restaurant’s owner, shares, “Our biggest asset is our team! They all play a crucial part in what we do and what we believe. They are part of the team for the simple reason that they love to meet new people and host our regulars. And that is what makes us different from the rest. Over 95% of the reviews we have proudly achieved mention the team and our impeccable service!” Moving forward, Maggie’s will continue to enhance its operations across all aspects to further impress its valued local and international guests. The restaurant has already established itself as one of the best in Sliema, but the team is determined to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation. For its winning formula of fresh Mediterranean & Maltese cuisine, refreshing drinks, and vibrant atmosphere, Maggie’s has been recognised at this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards as the Best Contemporary Mediterranean Restaurant – Malta. We cannot wait to see what comes next for Maggie’s on its mission to deliver a truly unbeatable dining experience. Contact: Maggie: +356 79272770 Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Maggie’s Restaurant Sliema Web Address: