Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

58 | LUXlife Magazine Best South Asian Vegetarian Restaurant 2024 - London Madras Flavours is an entirely vegetarian restaurant dedicated to bringing the unique tastes of India to London. With its divine selection of cuisine, guests can explore India’s cultural roots and sample ancestral dishes passed down through the generations. Recognised in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards, Madras Flavours prides itself on marrying the original flavours of the Indian Subcontinent to provide guests with an authentic taste of home. Madras was once used to refer to the Southern part of India, with its name now reminiscent of a rich culture and history of music, dance, community, and good food. At Madras Flavours, every dish is prepared with love and care to preserve the timeless art of Indian recipes that has been perfected over the centuries. Its menu covers all areas of South Indian and North Indian cuisine as well as Chinese platters, luxurious desserts, and refreshing beverages. With its exclusive Banquet Hall, Function Hall, Coffee Shop, and a separate bar counter, Madras Flavours has become many customers’ restaurant of choice. Mubarak Abdul Jabbar, Director of Madras Flavours, says, “Food in Indian Cuisine is a strong cultural symbol, and every dish made is celebrated as our pride. The secret is attention to nutrition, savour, and texture. Indian cuisine is as diverse as the culture itself, and every Indian would love to tell a story about their own favourite dish and why. It's a result of various religions, ethnicities, geographical and climatic factors coming together. Indian cuisine has influenced culinary practices across the world and is loved by people beyond borders.” Madras Flavours utilises an Udupi and Chettinad style of cooking, incorporating a mix of Indian herbs, spices, and masalas to create distinctive flavours and tantalising aromas. Its diverse menu includes everything from Indian breakfast items and exclusive North Indian starters to Chinese main courses, and scrumptious desserts. With its delectable offering of Naan and curry duos, diners can immerse themselves in refined flavours and take an authentic culinary journey through the Indian subcontinent. Madras Flavours has fostered a culture of innovation and invites guests to place customised and out-of-the-menu orders, allowing the team to flex their creativity. Chefs strive to satisfy every individual palette and their ability to understand customer’s needs and desires has earned them a loyal customer base. Mayur Shah, one delighted diner, says, “Amazing food and amazing service as well. We have been regular visitors of their group restaurant (Sangeetha) and the quality is consistent. Our special request with specific diet of Jain food with no onion or no garlic was handled with the utmost care. Thanks to Ashok for delivering the order on time as well.” Indian culture is much more than mouthwatering dishes and Madras Flavours has mastered the art of fine dining etiquette. From how the food is prepared to the cutlery used to eat, the restaurant aims to provide a seamless restaurant experience for its valued guests. Diner satisfaction resides at the heart of Madras Flavours and the restaurant is always on the look out for more talented staff to contribute to its culture of growth and innovation. In addition to its fine dining experiences, Madras Flavours offers catering for special events across Hounslow city and beyond. Whether for a birthday party, engagement ceremony, or wedding, the dedicated team can assist with every aspect of dining to ensure the celebration is a complete success. With over ten years of catering experience, Madras Flavours offers several enticing packages to suit clients’ individual preferences and dietary requirements. The professional team strives to make personal taste come alive, helping clients create an exceptional event that guests will remember. Over the coming year, Madras Flavours plans to expand its offerings with more exquisite dishes that reflect the rich diversity of Indian cuisine. The team is also excited to renovate its premises, transforming the interior to ensure guests dine in comfortable surroundings. The Madras Flavours team offers guests a home away from home with authentic Indian cuisine and superior customer service. Its wide variety of dishes deliver the tastes of India to London, providing a taste of home to everyone who samples its unique recipes. Madras Flavours treats food as a celebration of life and honours a rich heritage with the original flavours of the Indian subcontinent. For its authentic dining experiences, we have bestowed on Madras Flavour this year’s award for Best South Asian Vegetarian Restaurant – London. Contact: Mubarak Abdul Jabbar Company: Madras Flavours Web Address: