Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

6 | LUXlife Magazine ettled in the costal Cremorne Junction, Restaurant Toshiya is an award-winning modern Japanese restaurant whose compelling atmosphere punctuates each exceptional dish. As a manifestation of the ambitions presented by owner Toshiya Kai, the establishment is imbued with personal touches at every turn – be it its carefully crafted menu, or the meticulously designed interior. Each aspect of Restaurant Toshiya has been chosen to elicit a feeling of modern indulgence, allowing diners to sample genuine Japanese gastronomy, while being immersed in a stylish environment that strives to stimulate the senses. No matter what a guest may be looking to get out of their time when visiting Restaurant Toshiya, the establishment is sure to deliver in a variety of ways. Since opening its doors over a decade ago, Restaurant Toshiya has found itself receiving an abundance of praise for the expert craftsmanship behind each dish. As both the owner and a renowned chef, Toshiya Kai was determined to compile a selection that would give guests plenty of chances to explore Japan’s culinary prowess, and therefore forged a menu that accomplishes this very goal. As such, individuals find themselves returning again and again, be it to share the restaurant’s everpopular three person banquet, or its varied selection of main courses. This has allowed Restaurant Toshiya to both build its own community, while simultaneously enticing people to step out of their comfort zones and sample some of Japan’s most notorious dishes. As a result of this excellence, Restaurant Toshiya has become a staple among locals, with many expressing their love for the astounding tastes it brings to the region. One guest expresses how - “Toshiya is our top pick for special occasions, consistently delivering an exceptional dining experience. Their Banquet for two is a must-try, offering a taste of everything that makes this place stand out. From the welcoming ambiance to the extraordinary Japanese cuisine, each visit is memorable. The quality, presentation, and flavours of the dishes are unmatched, making Toshiya not just a meal, but a celebration. Highly recommend for anyone seeking an unparalleled dining experience in Sydney.” Time and time again, the establishment finds itself wowing individuals, and with such an exceptional team at the helm, it’s little wonder how. Holding such an immense presence within the Cremorne Junction area, Restaurant Toshiya has become widely recognised as one of the most popular establishments currently on the market. This popularity is, of course, well-deserved; the restaurant prides itself on delivering Best Modern Japanese Restaurant 2024 - North Shore Sydney For years, Toshiya Kai had a resounding wish – to create a way for the people of Australia to indulge in authentic, Japanese cuisine, chosen and prepared by the best chefs Sydney has to offer. In 2010, this dream finally became a reality, and Restaurant Toshiya opened its doors to the public. Promising a menu to match its Japanese origins, the establishment has become an exceptionally popular choice among locals and tourists alike, be they visiting alone or with their families. Regardless, Restaurant Toshiya delights in transporting guests to the illustrious culinary scene of Japan. S dishes that meet its incredibly high standards, all while maintaining a connection with customers that doesn’t go amiss. Visitors frequently express how delightful it is to interact with the staff, with many detailing how Toshiya frequently makes appearances to ensure the food is consistently exceeding expectations. Partnered with a genuinely friendly nature, Restaurant Toshiya doesn’t just offer quality food, but wonderful interactions that are sure to sit with guests long after they’ve finished their meals. This is further emphasised through one review in particular, in which a local area guide Sarah Charles shares her experience. She explains how “Chef Toshi is a happy character, who has pleased his customers over the years with quality Japanese cuisine and an approachable, yet creative, menu. Toshi is a sushi master - order from Toshi's special sushi list and you will certainly get something special.” And, when exploring the sheer selection available to customers, she further details that “With an extensive menu filled with plenty of tasty options, Restaurant Toshiya further caters to the masses with its gluten free vegetarian dishes. Order a banquet or a la carte, either way you will not be disappointed. Here's to another 10 years for this great North Shore Restaurant.” It’s evident that Restaurant Toshiya hasn’t failed to impress, leaving many guests eager to see what new dishes they can sample next. Of course, in order to promise a marvellous dining experience, one must also take note of the surroundings they present when inviting guests to spend their nights trying all types of fabulous foods. As such, Restaurant Toshiya has gone above and beyond to create an area that any person would be happy to spend their time in. By combining modern interior design with traditional Japanese culinary options, the establishment has created an astounding harmony that sees guests enjoying both their food and their environment. As such, it’s unsurprising that Restaurant Toshiya has garnered immense popularity across various generations. Truly, there’s something for everyone. No matter the occasion, Restaurant Toshiya is, by far, Cremorne Junction’s definitive choice for any wanting to experience the wonder of Japanese cuisine, without having to travel across the world to do so. Toshiya Kai has mastered the art of capturing Japan’s gastronomy, allowing the restaurant to consistently deliver quality dishes that have been cooked with love, care, and the utmost dedication. In turn, guests are never left guessing when it comes to the kind of experience they’re going to receive – with each visit, they’ll be treated to a perfect blend of