Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

60 | LUXlife Magazine ffering a selective range of whiskies originating from the birthplace of great liquor, Silvermalt is a Singapore-based restaurant that partners Scottish beverages with international food to concoct an unforgettable drinking experience. Though highly regarded by whiskey enjoyers, the restaurant has earned itself a reputation for being a cornerstone of luxury within its area, with multiple patrons enticed by the menu, yet entranced by the environment. Silvermalt perfectly understands the meaning of luxury, allowing it to present customers with a contemporary atmosphere that marries comfort and style to please even the weariest of guests. Silvermalt prides itself on being a place that individuals can retire to when in dire need of a good, old-fashioned pick me up, and it has gone the extra mile to cater to the various requirements they may bring to the table. In doing so, it’s developed a highly detailed menu that, at its heart, strives to capture the uniqueness of various countries across the world. However, if we were to identify the restaurant’s definitive draw, it would be its variety of authentic whiskeys. Complimented by the restaurant’s silver inlaid surroundings, customers are invited to indulge in the world’s favourite whiskeys, whether they’re visiting alone or as a plentiful party. Regardless, Silvermalt promises to be an exceptional host – one that’s not only happy to serve, but delighted to share its detailed knowledge of each dish and beverage it serves. Often times, customers have expressed just how communicative Silvermalt’s team has been throughout their visits, frequently taking the time to interact with various parties and forge bonds that can only be created through a union of common interests and genuine passion. It’s this very nature that makes Silvermalt so special – it cherishes its craft, and revels in how its whiskies, meals, and décor enable guests to have an unbeatable dining experience with every visit. This passion is further reflected through the plethora of five-star reviews attributed to the restaurant, each highlighting how immersed guests are made to feel upon crossing the threshold. From the moment customers enter the establishment, they’re greeted with the definition of decadence, enhanced by Silvermalt’s eye for aesthetics. Honoured in both its name and the establishment alike, silver has become one of Silvermalt’s identifying elements – almost everywhere a customer may look, they’ll find fleck of silver waiting to be discovered. Be it inlaid in the interior of the restaurant itself, or embedded into its business cards, silver symbolizes Silvermalt’s unique understanding of what luxury dining should be. After all, silver represents perseverance, balance, and clarity – traits that are expressed by Silvermalt through its illustrious interior and magnificent menu. Best Luxury International Cuisine Restaurant 2024 - Singapore When looking to settle for a relaxing drink after a long day, you want to make sure you frequent somewhere that not only promises a classy impression, but can also live up to your expectations. Located right in the heart of CBD, Silvermalt invites customers to indulge in this very atmosphere – one that combines contemporary décor, tasteful drinking spaces, and a multi-national menu simply brimming with selection to elevate the experiences of its patrons. With an abundance of glowing testimonials, each noting the establishment’s impeccable eye for elegance, Silvermalt has clearly had a distinct impact on Singapore’s fine dining scene. Join us as we delve into more detail. In short, Silvermalt is a restaurant that looks to be much more than just a sum of its parts. Though it may be an establishment popularised by its food and drink, where it truly shines is through how avidly it’s committed itself to bringing people together. With an exemplary environment and immaculate taste, Silvermalt has become a waypoint for anybody hoping to enjoy an unforgettable luxury dining experience. Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Silvermalt Web Address: O