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64 | LUXlife Magazine Established in 2014, Mavruda Garden Wedding Venue is dedicated to providing couples with the perfect wedding day. Mavruda, located near the Bulgarian town of Plovdiv, boasts a unique garden that has flourished into a beautiful setting for any event, including nature-inspired and destination weddings. At its core, Petrana regards Mavruda’s culture as “rooted in a deep appreciation for nature, love, and community”, which is emulated through its bespoke weddings tailored to reflect each couple it serves. Alongside weddings, Mavruda also books out its stunning garden for christenings, company parties, and any other celebratory events. Equipped with expert staff, top-quality produce, and incredible scenery, Mavruda prides itself on delivering beautiful moments that have been carefully constructed on behalf of its clients, at no cost to the environment. Since establishment, Mavruda’s staff have prioritised sustainability in their services. Petrana states that the staff are “stewards of the land” that are “dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural beauty”. When asked how Mavruda aims to achieve excellence, Petrana states that “achieving excellence is not just a goal – it’s a commitment woven into every aspect of our operations”. This extends from the event planning team to all departments of the company. Yes, we had a lot of hard times Most Unique Restaurant & Wedding Venue 2024 - Bulgaria Known for its stunning landscapes and bespoke wedding planning, Mavruda Garden Wedding Venue has made a commitment to hosting beautiful, environmentally friendly events that create long-lasting memories for its clients. Here, we talk to CEO Petrana Kalinin to learn more about the company’s dedication to sustainability and plans for an even more environmentally conscious future. during these years, but everything changed 5 years ago, when young and enthusiastic colleagues came to the team. They didn't have the experience, but they had the sincere desire to do everything better than everyone else. To this day, they are still here to provide our guests with the best experience. The culinary team works hard to produce curated menus of international and local cuisine to highlight the finest ingredients and techniques, with produce often sourced locally from trusted suppliers and local farmers. Using only the highest quality ingredients, the experienced culinary team conduct tasting sessions to fine-tune their recipes ahead of events. From sourcing to tasting, the produce selected by Mavruda undergoes a rigorous journey to ensure that only the very best is being presented to clients. Such a quality service can only be provided by highly trained employees who share the same vision of excellence for their patrons. Each employee at Mavruda holds sustainability in high regard and aim to create unforgettable moments every day. Employees are given continuous training to aid the development of their services and are encouraged to take ownership of their role within the business. Petrana tells us, “By fostering a culture of empowerment and accountability, we encourage creativity, initiative, and a sense of ownership in delivering exceptional services.” Mavruda employees are encouraged to take a collaborative, customer-centric approach to their work, making sure that they all work together in each department to exceed the expectations of each couple they host. Discussing plans for the future, Petrana says that Mavruda is “thrilled to announce several exciting developments and initiatives that reflect our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the wedding industry”. In addition to this, the company aims to increase its community engagement through launching new initiatives that focus on supporting local organisations, promoting cultural diversity, and fostering a connection within the community. Petrana states that this will vary from “holding charitable events and fundraisers to partnerships with local artisans and vendors”, all of which will contribute to Mavruda’s positive impact on the world around it. To summarise, Mavruda Garden Wedding Venue has dedicated the past decade to providing clients with high-quality events that also have a minimised impact on the environment. The team’s upcoming plans take these values in stride and look to a future where Mavruda creates even more unforgettable moments that their clients can cherish forever. Contact: Petrana Kalinin Company: Mavruda Garden Wedding Venue Web Address: