Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024

Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine The world of fast food is packed with eateries looking to bring something completely new to the table, but, here, we’ve found a chip shop with a traditional twist. The family-friendly dining venue, offering a cosy eat-in and Takeaway, strips everything back to basics: a great variety of snacks, cosy atmosphere, and, of course, excellent customer service. Since 2007, Fritbar’s owners have worked tirelessly to enrich their local area with tasty food partnered with a level of customer service which won’t be forgotten any time soon. Owner Sasja Chao-Hu says, “To ensure daily good quality, we have attention for little imperfections and details, and are still learning further how to improve, to deliver the best service we can.” The team at Fritbar put their customers first throughout every action they take and every decision they make – from cooking to cleaning, creation of their wholesome environment within the eatery, and more. As such, Fritbar ensures that there is space for guests to sit in and eat their meal along with magazines to read and fun for children to enjoy while they wait for their food. Boasting delightful food to the brim with much snacks, drinks, and more, Fritbar features twicefried Chips, Bear-Claw snack (meatball with fresh cut giant onion), XL curryworst, Megamix, Crispy Fries with Stewsauce and Mayo, Burgers,etc. Fritbar’s online order-system and Feb24363 Best Family Friendly Chip Shop 2024 – Antwerp & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 Situated in the beautiful village of Stabroek in Belgium, this nice and cosy chip shop greets a wide variety of guests who are searching for freshly twice-fried chips with top-notch service. For 17 years, Fritbar’s owners have prioritised this high level of customer satisfaction through supplying delicious food for their many guests. Here we explore the eatery’s offerings as it receives two titles in our Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024. tasty food are a fine contribution to it’s local area, guaranteeing hunger satisfaction and repeat custom at a regular basis. Not only does the eatery provide food to nourish the body, but it offers food for thought as it even creates small gifts for its customers at christmas – resulting in a stronger sense of community and encouraging care for one another. This gift-giving reminds us of how selfless the business is, how much the owners truly care for their customers, and how important it is to practice acts of kindness. With respect, care, and Quality as the core pillars of the establishment, Fritbar’s team do all they can to provide the best service on a daily basis. Always keeping the customers in mind, Sasja tells us, “Our core values are respected and deeply rooted. All of our customers are still ''King'' and very important. We do our best to stay up to date in our market, and listen to the wishes of our dear customers.” The eatery’s tasty fresh Fries, strong customer relationships, and a harmonious environment means it future looks bright. With regards to further developments within Fritbar’s walls we learned that there are more toys to be added to the eatery’s play table – further enriching its guests’ visit by keeping their little ones occupied and entertained. Of course, regardless of the industry, every business has its own challenges. However, Fritbar practices dedication and commitment to its mission – a mission to serve premium food to the best of its ability – to ensure it can push through trials it may encounter. Always adapting to the demands of the market, Fritbar consistently offers what it knows its customers will love to eat and delivers its food and drink in a way that demonstrates its passion to serve, and welcoming everyone who chooses to order from its kitchen. As the third owners, Fritbar’s current owners are loyal to the around fifty-year-long history of the establishment. Primarily wishing to uphold the reputation of the eatery, the team strive to keep customers feeling fulfilled on a daily basis. However, the success of the business has surpassed expectations as we now recognise them for their quality in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards. No matter whether you’re looking for a cosy dine-in experience or a easy Takeaway service, Fritbar can offer the highest quality and friendly service. We’re sure the chip shop will continue to thrive as it alters the