LUX Life Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018

Page 16 Fiko is an innovative Amsterdam based Italian restaurant offering a unique combination of exceptional hospitality and authentic Italian cuisine. We caught up with Adriano Favia to learn more and explore the secrets behind the success of this remarkable eatery. Fiko Italian Restaurant of the Year 2018 - Amsterdam Oud-West Fiko is not just a restaurant, but a focal point where people, cultures and flavours can meet. Adriano explores how this is made possible thanks to the establishment’s unique leadership and dedication to providing quality food to every diner it hosts. “Here at Fiko, our mission is to share the little secrets of the Italian cuisine, gracefully served in an exclusive setting. Our holding is made up of 100% Italian partners. They are three Italian football players who believed in my project and completely took up Fiko’s concept which has helps us to achieve strong success over a short period of time. Today 70% our clients are Dutch, the remaining 30% are Italian people and international tourists, and they are all treated to exceptional dishes and great hospitality.