LUX Life Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018

Page 30 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 arrival. We have built upon this philosophy since the very beginning, and our very first customer still avails of an opening special price deal on his pint as a thank you for his patronage.” This focus on quality extends beyond hospitality and through to the food, which Sean discusses in more detail. “Over the years, we have crafted our menu to ensure that all taste buds are satisfied. We understand the demands of a modern-day appetite, but we enjoy challenging people’s Naomh Padraig Taverns was established in 2012 by Sean Noonan and Mark Burke with the view to opening a sports bar within a stone throw of Croke Park in Dublin. This is where Cuchulainns of Croke Park was born. The brand originally launched as the premium pre-game venue for all the GAA games and concerts in Croke Park and developed the best place for Glasgow Celtic Supporters to follow their team. The venue hosted many events and had developed a reputation as the best pub grub in the area. Unfortunately, the change of ownership of the building the pair were leasing forced the venue to close down. This did not stop the intrepid pair, and in late 2013 an opportunity arose to open up in a new venue in Ongar Village, Dublin 15. Sean resurrected the original plan of developing a sports themed bar, along with developing a great local eatery and pub. Cuchulainns of Ongar was born, and despite some early setbacks on planning the establishment opened in February of 2014. Sean outlines how the venue has gone from strength to strength since opening and how it continually works to provide guests with the very highest standards of service and food they will remember for all the right reasons. “At Cuchulainns of Ongar, our goal is to welcome all comers into the “Cuchulainns Experience”. This consists of warm welcomes and in-depth education of the type of food we serve. The most important factor to our business is how we greet our patrons upon Cuchulainns of Ongar, part of the Naomh Padraig Taverns group, is a relaxed dining experience located in the picturesque Ongar Village, a suburb of Dublin. We invited Co-Founder Sean Noonan to tell us more about this exceptional venue and how it has achieved incredible success over recent years. Cuchulainns of Ongar Best Casual Dining Restaurant 2018 - Dublin