LUX Life Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018

Page 42 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 Boasting a unique atmosphere and a myriad of high-end spirits, wines and mixers, Rathaus Vinarium is a must-visit for any spirit or wine connoisseur. Staff at this exceptional venue are passionate about providing only the finest wines and spirits, and as such they attend regular tastings, trade fairs and vineyard tours so that they only offer the very finest products and know everything there is to know about them. As such, guests are in for a treat when they visit Rathaus Vinarium. From humble beginnings as an ordinary bar, the establishment has flourished into a specialist venue which offers tastings and the chance for guests to gain an insight into the making, and drinking, of the fine liquors and spirits it offers. Thanks to this approach the bar has seen its clientele grow and diversify, and it now welcomes many high calibre visitors from around the world. Presented as a fine new wine, rum, gin and whisky bar, visitors can relax and chill in a unique atmosphere through the historic vault. The owner, Gerhard Uhl, and the head of the bar Mr Michael offer premium spirits. Additionally, when it comes to wine, Rathaus Vinarium has always been known for its great offering from many top winemakers. Guests can enjoy selected wines and sparkling wines out of the region and many more. The Bar is a fine venue for pleasure-seekers and is always worth a visit. Ultimately, housed in an historic listed building, Rathaus Vinarium has to be seen to be believed. The experience of visiting this beautiful venue and experiencing the exceptional service and luscious spirits it has to offer is definitely not to be missed. Rathaus Vinarium is a luxury bar, situated in the historic cellar of the town hall in the city Leibnitz with a focus on wines, rum, gin and whiskey. We profile the bar to learn more about how it tempts guests with an extraordinary array of drinks, served with passion by dedicated staff. Rathaus Vinarium Best Wine & Spirits Bar 2018 - Southern Styria Company: Rathaus Vinarium Address: Hauptplatz 24, 8430 Leibnitz Phone: 0043345285560 Website: