LUX Life Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018

Page 48 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 The New Soho Tavern is a vibrant, exciting Indian dining experience which offers something different in this vast market. Its clientele ranges vigorously between young students, couples and families of all ethnicities. A large proportion of the clientele are locally based within the West Midlands, although customers travel from different parts of the nation to try this nationally renowned bar and restaurant, which is testimony to the level of excellence it provides. Being one of the busiest venues in Birmingham it becomes a hard task to maintain high standards. However, the team at the New Soho Tavern ensure the level of service, food and beverages is maintained by only employing the most passionate and driven chefs, bartenders and waiters, whom pride themselves by only making mouth- watering, fresh, succulent food and beverage. At the New Soho Tavern, customers are welcomed into a warm environment, which makes them feel at home, because the company believe that home is where the heart is, and the best way to the heart is through good food. The restaurant has an al a carté menu which they have adapted over time to meet requirements and ever changing customer taste. By fusing many different tastes from all over the world into their own Indian twist. Not only that, they have invented new cocktails and other beverages, which are unique to this venue and meet different health, and nutritional needs of consumers. The New Soho Tavern is a 21st century Indian Bar and Restaurant with a contemporary interior setting, that provides Indian barbecue food as well as classic curries with a modern twist. We profile the establishment to gain an insight into the unique flavours it produces. The New Soho Tavern Best Indian Restaurant & Bar 2018 - Birmingham