LUX Life Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 Page 49 With Indian cuisine being the nation’s favourite cuisine that is so effortlessly found, the New Soho Tavern has carved its own unique niche in the Indian bar and restaurant market by combining fine and casual dining and creating a new market place. It has always been developing its interior look to give a ever changing feel and improving quality on its food and presentation, to keep developing with the market, and being one step ahead of competition. To ensure that it interacts with customers and provides what they need, social media is a key factor in the development of menus, offers and design. The New Soho Tavern use this to keep in touch and interact with customers, even when they are not at the venue. It also helps them promote upcoming events at The New Soho Tavern. As with any hospitality firm, staff are vital to the success of the New Soho Tavern. The staff has an average age of 20 years old, and the manager being 22 years old makes the force the youngest of any bar and restaurant in Birmingham. This helps the business achieve its aims of providing customers with a personal service, as all staff members have developed themselves accordingly to the requirements of the business, which is to treat the business as your own and make all customers feel at home when dining, as it is a known fact that eating at home is the best place to eat. When hiring new staff, The New Soho Tavern hire individuals with no experience, as this helps them ensure that staff give it 110% as it is there first job and are therefore keen to learn new skills and impress. Throughout their duration at the restaurant they learn and earn more which contributes to the unlikely chance of them leaving, which gives customers a feel of familiarity of the same faces when visiting to the venue. Looking ahead, the New Soho Tavern is set to expand, by opening two new venues in the next 12 months, in different geographical areas within the UK. Company: The New Soho Tavern Phone: 01215236476 Address: 407 Park Rd, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 5SR Website: