LUX Life Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 Page 55 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 their passion for flavour and style. Moving forward, as the Mexican dining market grows following a period of uncertainty, Ameyali will continue to thrive and provide its valued clientele with the dishes and service that they have come to expect. Company: Ameyali Restaurante Contact: Paula Martínez Address: Calle Artículo 27 #103 Col, Agrícola Animas, Xalapa, 91190, Mexico Phone: 0052 228 82 300687 Ameyali began as a small project focused on preserving and sharing the recipes with family and friends, and has since evolved into a respected breakfast café serving a wide variety of dishes. Initially the menu was seasonal and changed regularly, however clients began to choose their favourite dishes, and as such the menu was later finalised so that clients can rest assured that thy will be able to enjoy the same exceptional dishes whenever they visit, with frequent changes and additions ensuring that they are never bored. Today the establishment is frequented by a range of clients, who enjoy eating well and taking care of their health. They know that their meal will be exceptional as all the staff are constantly tested and supervised by the owners and chiefs who work hard to maintain the quality of the ingredients, sanitizing procedures and general food quality. The surroundings, the music, the interior decoration and, of course, the commitment of the waiters and hostess guarantee a favourable first impression when any new diner arrives. Ultimately, Ameyali continues to grow and flourish thanks to the passion and commitment of its dedicated team. Staff all view the establishment as more than just a restaurant; it is a home, where guests can relax and unwind and employees can indulge Ameyali Restaurante celebrates the diversity of tastes and gastronomical traditions, offering a broad menu with different sections going from eggs poché and Mexican plates to waffles and crêpes, always ensuring a delicate mix of flavours and colours so that there is a dish to suit every palate. We profile this unique eatery to gain an insight into its creative menu and high quality service. Ameyali Restaurante Best Breakfast Cafe 2018 - Xalapa