LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 10 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Shimizu Cafe- Restaurant is an innovative eatery located in the fashionable inner-city Perth suburb of Northbridge and boasting an extensive menu of Japanese dishes with some twists from South-east Asia flavours that guests have come to enjoy. The Japanese word, Shimizu, has been literally translating by the eatery’s owners to mean “clear water” or in the Kanji “清水”. Their personal interpretation of what the word Shimizu means to them can be described as the water flowing smoothly and clearly for the establishment’s team to navigate and experience the journey. Seeking to draw this meaning into every aspect of the café’s work, the establishment’s logo, displaying a fish and the lower limbs of a bird, is meant to symbolise the fish swimming in the waters, yet still having a pair of legs to walk and fly, not being restricted to its nature of being stuck in the ocean. It is also meant to showcase that the creature has human traits, walking amongst the lands, striving for improvements and breaking out of cages. For the eatery’s owners, the name of Shimizu creates a happy, versatile and expressive nature with a fine sense of responsibility. This inspires them to constantly strive for excellence through both the provision of food and customer service. All ingredients are sourced fresh from local markets and top Japanese suppliers Aiming to offer diners the very best, most authentic Japanese dining experience, Shimizu Cafe- Restaurant has carefully created an extensive menu of Japanese dishes, catering for all tastes and palates. We profile the establishment to find out more about the delicious dishes and quality hospitality it has to offer to its wide range of local and visiting guests. Shimizu Cafe- Restaurant Most Vibrant Sushi Restaurant 2019 - Perth