LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 104 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Renowned as an atmospheric bar, the Juniper Tree also boasts a varied menu of delicious dishes, making it the ideal venue for anyone, whether they are seeking a relaxing meal of an engaging night out. From the moment guests enter they receive the very highest standard of service, no matter the time or day. The Juniper Tree’s friendly team aim to offer a variety of different options through food and drink in an effort to welcome as many people as possible and give them the experience they want. By day the eatery is the perfect place for diners seeking delicious traditional dishes with added elegance. The establishment offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to cater to each and every guests’ needs. In the evening the Juniper Tree also serves as an exceptional bar, with a range of refreshing cocktails on offer, as well as a diverse array of wines, beers and spirits. The experienced bartenders can offer guests the drink they desire. Moving forward, the ongoing focus for the Juniper Tree is on enhancing its offering to ensure it offers guests the food, drinks and atmosphere they desire. From bringing new offerings to the community with its food and drink choices through to keeping the decor as fresh as possible, the team is constantly exploring new options. Longer term the Juniper Tree may add another venue to its portfolio so that it can welcome even more guests and offer them the award-winning Located in the heart of Grange Road, the vibrant centre of evening drinks in Darlington, the Juniper Tree is a traditional pub offering an exceptional reception to each and every guest. As part of our overview of some of the deserving winners from this year’s Restaurant & Bar Awards we profile the establishment to find out more about the secrets behind its popularity. The Juniper Tree Darlington LUX Choice for Traditional British Pub Hospitality hospitality and delicious menu choices that they have come to expect. Company: The Juniper Tree Darlington Address: 25 Grange Road, Darlington, DL1 5NA, Co Durham Telephone Number: 01325382227 Web: