LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 17 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Agriturismo Dol Gal takes the name of the ancient palace Dol Gal, 250 meters from the farm, so named because it was located where the first rays of the sun came and where the first rooster gave the morning alarm. This picturesque eatery is committed to providing the highest possible quality dishes to its wide variety of diners. Located in a completely renovated farmhouse of the ‘700 with exposed stone walls in the green hills of Cenate Sotto, country of the first province of Bergamo, Agriturismo Dol Gal draws on this local splendour to provide exceptional food and an engaging atmosphere. Famous for the cultivation of the grapes of Valcalepio and Moscato di Scanzo, and inserted in the PLIS area, the supra-municipal park of the Valle d’Argon which, with its 549 hectares, tries to preserve the natural and agricultural spaces typical of the territory, the region is a truly beautiful space and perfect for a tantalising meal. In this area that, due to the conformation of the territory and the architectural structure of the farmhouse is very reminiscent of Tuscany, upstream of the catering area, the Agricultural Company Dol Gal Srls is a company that on almost 2 hectares of territory and in a completely biological way, breeds 120 poultry (hens, capons, ducks and pheasants), 25 hares, 7 Piedmontese cattle , 6 pigs and cultivates a garden of 255 square meters, 83 olive trees, 400 seedlings of raspberries, 120 of blackberries, kiwis, mulberries, figs, hazelnuts and other fruit plants. All of this produce is used by Agriturismo Dol Gal, which welcomes a wide variety of guests including couples, individuals, and families. Nestled in truly stunning Italian countryside, Agriturismo Dol Gal offers fresh produce from its neighbouring farm to provide guests with a fresh, authentic Italian dining experience. We profile the restaurant to gain an insight into the secrets behind its popularity. Agriturismo Dol Gal Best Italian Restaurant 2019 - Bergamo Province They come to the farm to celebrate birthdays and events, enjoy a catch-up or romantic meal or to simply relax in this sumptuous atmosphere and enjoy fresh, delicious Italian cuisine. Locally sourced and organic, the eatery’s produce creates sumptuous feasts prepared by skilled chefs. Although the establishment is relatively new to the restaurant market, it has already gained a strong following thanks to its commitment to both quality and guest satisfaction. Moving forward, Agriturismo Dol Gal will continue to focus on welcoming even more customers to try their delicious, quality dishes and exceptional hospitality. Company: Agriturismo Dol Gal Address: Via Boscaia, 1, 24069 Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) – Italy Private Parking: Via Filisetti, 8, 24069 Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) - Italy Telephone Number: 0039 035 956435 Web Address: