LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 19 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 With more than five years’ experience in the market, Ameyali Restaurante has created a strong reputation for excellence and quality which has helped it to enhance its menu and welcome even more guests recently, as Paula explores in her opening comments. “Since we first opened Ameyali Restaurante five years ago our team have worked hard to establish our brand whilst also remaining true to our politics, focus on quality, traditions and beliefs. Together we have created a community of clients who cherish eating healthy and coexisting with the environment. Recently, in 2018 after four years of hard work we extended our working timetable, offering now two different menus for breakfast and lunch. The creative process behind our menus is always encouraged by the appreciation of our clients, so the result can be the perfect one, always dedicated to all of them.” As part of this focus on quality, Ameyali Restaurante is constantly tested and supervised by the owners and chiefs who work hard to maintain the quality of the ingredients, sanitizing procedures and attitude of the team so that guests can rest assured they will receive only the highest possible quality service and food. This dedication to excellence means that the eatery focuses not only on the first impression it makes, but the overall feeling guests get when they enter and eat at Ameyali Restaurante, as Paula highlights. “At Ameyali Restaurante we care about the general impression our clients make of us, not only the first one. That is the reason why we take care of the smallest detail, to make sure everything goes the way it should be. We have designed a peaceful environment, where our clients can forget about their worries. The decoration of the diner, the ambience music and our staff who always welcome every guest with a smile are the first ones to favor the impression the costumers might have about our company. The extension and variety of our Ameyali Restaurante is an innovative café serving fresh breakfast and lunch dishes to a wide variety of diners. We spoke to Paula Martinez to gain an insight into how far the eatery has come since inception. Ameyali Restaurante Best Breakfast Cafe 2019 - Xalapa menus, the quality of the ingredients and the mix of colors and flavors are the perfect closure so our guests can make their mind about how nice, comforting and delicious it is to have breakfast and lunch at Ameyali Restaurante.” Overall, the future looks bright for Ameyali Restaurante as the eatery focuses on enhancing its current success and implementing its new lunch menu, as Paula proudly concludes. “Moving forward, our focus remains on our recent extension of service to ensure continued quality and excellence for guests. For four years our service was exclusively breakfast and brunch. Now, as we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we are concentrating our attention on putting within reach of all our costumers the information concerning our new lunch menu.” Company: Ameyali Restaurante Name: Paula Martinez Address: Calle Artículo 27 No. 103 Colonia Agrícola Ánimas. C.P. 91190. Xalapa, Ver. Telephone Number: 2282300687