LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 20 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 The name Aroi (pronounced Aroy) is associated with the eating experience in Asia and means delicious or tasty. As such, Aroi restaurant aims to live up to this title by offering diners only the most delicious dishes possible, all made using fresh, flavourful produce. All of the establishment’s dishes – from sides, curry, stir-fry, grilled, rice, wok noodles, noodle soup – run from €3-€11, with juices, cha, beer, soft drinks and wine from €2.50-€7. As a result, the eatery takes great pride in being able to welcome a diverse clientele and provide them with a true feast for all the senses. This healthy cuisine, created by chef Fadilah Mokhtar, avoids the obscure chemicals and additives so common in food today. Aroi sources authentic herbs and spices and does not use M.S.G. in any of its preparation. For guests who wish to enjoy this delicious food in the comfort of their own home, Aroi also offers an online ordering and delivery service, and even has an accessible app to help make the dining experience as hassle- free as possible. Welcoming a wide variety of guests, Aroi Asian Fusion at Friary Street in Kilkenny also provides an extensive cocktail menu. Overall, Aroi is a hidden gem in the Irish dining market, and moving forward the eatery will continue to focus on providing quality meals that its diners will remember fondly for many years to come and keep coming back for time and again. Company: Aroi Contact: Jacinta Khan Website: Aroi is a casual dining venue that offers a single course dining experience and service with the minimum of fuss. As we explore in our profile of the brand, its ethos is to serve market fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Aroi Asian Fusion Most Authentic Asian Fusion Restaurant 2019 – Ireland & Asian Fusion Chef of the Year 2019 - Ireland