LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 21 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Originally opened in 2012, Barriello has flourished over the years and grown from a small dining establishment with a limited menu and short wine list into a popular destination with its own farm to produce ingredients. Renowned as a bastion for Greek hospitality, Barriello offers its diners fresh, delicious food and a warm and friendly welcome. The heart of the restaurant is the fresh ingredients, which are produced on the establishment’s own farm and include vegetables, chickens and rabbits. Anything not grown or reared on the farm, such as some fish and meat, is purchased locally so that Barriello can ensure quality and freshness in every dish it serves. In the kitchen, the eatery’s team combine in-depth research about Greek cuisine and modern cooking technics to create traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Modern technology such as a sous vide machine is integrated into traditional dishes and entwined with the team’s passion for delicious food to create a sumptuous menu of Greek classics that will tempt even the most discerning of international gourmets. Ultimately, Barriello’s vision is to create a unique dining experience for each and every one of its valued visitors. The team aims to make the establishment the best restaurant in Greece in the future, and this ambitious aim will drive the team to continue to innovate and enhance its traditional recipes to create even more unique dishes, all made with passion from fresh, local produce. This decedent offering will drive Barriello into the culinary history books. With a stunning view of Tripiti’s main square, Barriello offers guests traditional Greek cuisine in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Having acknowledged the eatery in this year’s Restaurant & Bar Awards we profile it to find out more about the delicious dishes it serves to both local and visiting guests. Barriello Most Intimate Greek Restaurant 2019 - Milos Company: Barriello Name: Loukakis Panagiotis Address: Tripiti Milos Island Telephone Number: +306984218360 Web Address: