LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 22 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 The history of the building itself dates back over 100 years, and the bar goes back to 2010. Barnett’s Pub originally opened as an Irish Pub. However, in 2015 owners with a new vision purchased the pub. The establishment would become a place that all people could call home and feel comfortable visiting on a regular basis. The focus on quality service, food, and drinks is what has taken the public house to a new level. As Director of Operations, John Hodges, works everyday to continue the vision and help grow the business. The consumers we see on a daily basis are a great mix of local Wacoans and travelers stopping by to see our amazing selection of whiskey, craft beer, and unique cocktails. The variety of patrons keep John and his staff on their toes to create a memorable experience. Barnett’s Public House achieves excellence by upholding high expectations of service and quality. We serve a daily menu and host weekly dinners that are innovative, delicious, and carried out by talented Chefs in the kitchen. On the bar side, careful planning, purchasing, and creativity goes into every selection from cocktails to beers, wine, and whiskey. John shares the motto “we will always grow and never stop trying to be better than we were yesterday.” Upon entering Barnett’s Public House, we love to greet all customers with a warm hello and welcome. From the minute you enter, our goal is to provide a comfortable place to hang out with friends, family, or business partners and have an experience of pleasure that you want to repeat. A true Texas public house in the heart of downtown Waco specializing in rare whiskey, cocktails, and excellent food, Barnett’s Public House strives to offer the best product in a comfortable atmosphere everyone can call home. We spoke to John Hodges to find out more. Barnett’s Public House Best Specialised Whiskey Bar 2019 - Texas The comments and recommendations of customers are always taken into consideration. We love to see enjoyment in our consumers face and hope to become their regular spot. Therefore, we carefully monitor our menu and bar selections to give customers what they want, as well as, continuing to educate on new and old favorites. Barnett’s Public House has the largest whiskey selection in Texas. Currently, we have over 750 whiskeys on our shelf. This extensive collection has taken several years of careful planning and purchasing. Not only are many whiskeys hard to find, but being located in the middle of two large cities, Dallas and Austin, creates a challenge of getting better product. Whiskey and the love of whiskey is nothing new, however the number