LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 66 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 In the heart of Islington, on Upper Street, sits London’s first tropical escape; Laki Kane. Putting a modern spin on the tiki bar experience, guests experience a carnival of the senses packed with the Aloha spirit of eternal happiness. This is a unique setting with unforgettable cocktails, exciting entertainment, music and DJs all delivered to you with a five-star service and a smile. The establishment’s cocktails are made using only the freshest, exotic fruits and as a pioneer in the industry Laki Kane is the first bar in the world that uses no refined sugars in the preparation of its cocktails. Its menu covers a full range from elaborately presented tropical cocktails, modern takes on the tiki classics and through to theatrically presented sharing cocktails designed for groups. This sumptuous cocktail menu has been designed with the aim of serving only the very freshest and most intriguing tropical ingredients to its customers. The cocktails have all been designed by renowned Global Rum Ambassador Georgi Radev, of Mahiki fame. Georgi has created cocktails that introduce the bar’s guests to tropical fruits such as soursop, cupuaçu and jackfruit that are designed to bring not only an exceptional taste experience, but are healthy as well. It is the bar’s focus on attracting the best and most well-known talent to its team that has driven Laki Kane to the success it enjoys today. The impact this has had has been phenomenal, with notable personalities in Offering a unique cocktail menu and an innovative rum making experience, Laki Kane welcomes guests from all over the world and provides them with a night to remember. Celebrating the bar’s win in this year’s Restaurant & Bar Awards we profile it and share an insight into the secrets behind the popularity it enjoys today. Laki Kane Cocktail Bar of the Year 2019 - North London & Best Rum Tasting Experience - London