LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 68 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 With consumers increasingly concerned about animal welfare and their impact on the environment, diets such as veganism, the practice of not eating any animal products including meat, dairy and honey, is on the rise. Seeking to support vegans who are keen to reduce the amount of suffering they cause to animals without sacrificing the quality of their food, L’Artisane offers classic French baked treats tailored to a vegan market. Opened in 2018, this creative bakery features a wide selection of Viennoiserie, patisserie, chocolatier and savoury food inspired by Founder Carolina’s memories in her visits to France, and her professional training in French cuisine. Carolina was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela in a home where food was always at the centre of celebrations. Her grandmother, Ana, a professional cook, taught her how herbs and spices create dazzling dishes and mouth-watering desserts full of love and flavour. She also learned the healing power of food and the great responsibility to nourish not only the bodies but the souls of those she cooks for. Her commitment to creating a cruelty-free world through delicious and beautiful desserts comes through in her French-inspired bakery. Drawing on this vast experience in crafting sumptuous French delicacies, Carolina blends traditional techniques with science to achieve the highest standards, using only the finest ingredients to offer a wide selection of sweet delights including classic Viennoiserie, such as croissants and pain au chocolat, breakfast items including egg-less croissants and quiches, as well as a seasonal-changing selection of tarts, chocolate bonbons and petits gateaux. A pioneer in the market, L’Artisane is the first French vegan bakery in the United States. To celebrate the establishment’s success in this year’s Restaurant & Bar Awards we profile it to find out more about the delicious animal product free treats it has to offer. L’Artisane Best Vegan Bakery 2019 - Miami With a focus on providing every guest with a delicious treat they can cherish, L’Artisane also offers a wide selection of sandwiches made with artisanal breads, wholesome salads, empanadas, salad bowls and the already famous Impossible Burger. Everything the bakery produces is made fresh daily and 100% plant based and cruelty free, surprising and conquering even the most selective of palates. Overall, as a truly unique establishment L’Artisane has a bright and exciting future ahead of it. With vegan diets on the rise and customers increasingly seeking unique alternatives to their favourite dairy or meat filled treats the bakery can expect increasing interest over the coming years. Carolina and her team will continue to produce the finest, most delicious treats possible. Company: L’Artisane Contact: Jonathan Molea Website: