LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 71 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Surrounded by green hills and noble vineyards rewarded for their quality and beauty, Morra Restaurant represents tradition and elegance through continuous study and passion on the part of the Chef who gives his name to the restaurant, Matteo Morra. Thanks to his continuous search for gastronomic products selected from this prized territory he has developed a delicious menu that will tempt even the most discerning of gourmets. Striking and bright, intimate and welcoming, the restaurant offers a service cared for in every detail by a young and dynamic staff, who support the Chef and provide each and every guest with a luxurious dining experience. From the décor through to the menu, each aspect of Morra Restaurant has been specifically designed with fine dining in mind. White tablecloths, sophisticated porcelain and soft lights create an elegant but sober atmosphere, where diners can enjoy a special dish in good company. Some furnishing elements are the legacy of past eras, such as the wonderful chest of drawers in poor style, or the old vat for the must, used to store the glassware, a reminder of winemaking systems often forgotten. Others are more modern and remind diners of the efficiency that the eatery offers. Located in Cherasco, five minutes from La Morra, the “nerve center” par excellence of wine production in the Langhe, Morra Restaurant aims to pair refreshing local wines with delicious, flavourful dishes to deliver an experience guests will never forget. We profile the establishment to learn more about this approach and how it has driven it to win one of our prestigious Restaurant & Bar Awards for 2019. Morra Restaurant Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2019 - Cuneo Province Alongside a varied menu of delicacies, Morra Restaurant also offers cooking courses so that both local and visiting diners can learn more about how to create these sumptuous feasts in the comfort of their own home, or simply improve their own cooking skills. Overall, Morra Restaurant has achieved a reputation for excellence since it first opened, and moving forward it will remain dedicated to enhancing this and welcoming even more guests to sample its award-winning menu. Company: Morra Restaurant Contact: Matteo Morra Website: