LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 74 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Established in 1987 Olley’s Fish Experience began life as a takeaway fish and chip shop. It may be the humblest of dishes, but fish and chips deserve the finest of ingredients and best of service; and that is what Olley’s Fish Experience delivers. Later, due to demand from clients, the establishment expanded into a 36-seater restaurant in 1998, and then 86-seater in 2003. Situated in Herne Hill, opposite the beautiful Brockwell Park, over the years the eatery has become not only a hub of the community, but also a destination in its own right and is part of the iconic London Black Cab training: ‘The Knowledge’. Today the Dickensian décor and delicious, award-winning, accredited sustainable seafood and shellfish attracts locals and tourists alike, alongside the odd food-critic, chef and celebrity. For these clients, the eatery strives to provide the very best hospitality and exceptional dishes that will tempt them to return time and again. Olley’s Fish Experience achieves excellence in the latter area by only using quality, ethically sourced, traceable and sustainable ingredients, and does so under the regulations of accreditation such as MSC and MCS. Alongside the delicious fish the eatery serves, it also boasts a good selection of local British beers and British wines and British soft drinks, not only to complement its food, but to inspire and surprise customers. Dedicated to elevating the humble fish supper into something glorious and delicious, Olley’s Fish Experience provides guests with the finest possible dishes and a welcoming atmosphere. We profile the eatery to explore how it has flourished over the years, growing from a small takeaway to an 86-seater restaurant with a reputation for excellence. Olley’s Fish Experience Best Sustainably Sourced Seafood Restaurant - London