LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 75 With regards to hospitality, guests can be assured of a warm welcome when they visit Olley’s Fish Experience. Customers are greeted at the door with a warm smile and polite, professional, and friendly demeanour. On-going training and evaluation of staff ensures that they are enlightened not only about hospitality but also the importance of providence. As a result, they are able to guide guests through the dining experience and ensure they enjoy a meal that suits their tastes. Over the years, Olley’s Fish Experience has noticed many changes within the dining market, as clients become more knowledge about food and increasingly focused on its providence. As a result, the source of its products has become a key focus for the establishment, and the team are all deeply knowledgeable about where their fish dishes have been sourced from. As part of this focus, the eatery always offers different seasonal species, which keeps the menu sustainable and also gives regular customers variety and interest. As clients become increasingly focused on buying local and reducing their carbon footprint through food miles, Olley’s Fish Experience has become more aware of sharing its local credentials and showing customers that it is dedicated to offering locally sourced products such as drinks. The team are always looking to introduce great British products to complement the great British fish and chips experience, such as British wines, Luscombe’s of Devon and Westerham Brewery beers. The establishment has also enhanced delivery by embracing Just Eats, Deliveroo, and UberEats adding an extra 25% to its turnover. In addition, a solution for the client who would like to simply click pay and collect via the website this service shall be available from June 2019. Ultimately, it is the friendly, family atmosphere combined with the fresh, local produce that has driven Olley’s Fish Experience to the success it enjoys today. The eatery has become so popular that the team are now expanding into offering catering options for weddings and events, and this will drive the eatery to even greater success over the years to come. Company: Olley’s Fish Experience Contact: Harry 07956 4656 29 / Peter 020 8671 8259 Email: [email protected] Website: