LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 88 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Opened in 2012 by Owner Fabrizia Zago, Chat Qui Rit draws on Fabrizia’s passion for rich flavours and indulgent cooking to tempt a wide variety of diners from across the Veneto region. These diners are looking for a comfortable, friendly environment and a cuisine attentive to the freshness of the raw materials and offering traditional dishes, but also creativity and innovation with particular attention to local and seasonal products. This is what they find at Chat Qui Rit. In the comfortable and air-conditioned restaurant guests can taste the varied specialties of raw, marinated and cooked appetizers, unique in their kind, first courses with homemade pasta, fresh daily sea-fish on the grill, excellent desserts and pastries that are all homemade. The restaurant also offers a selection of meat dishes. Paired with a rich and varied wine list, it offers a careful selection of small but valuable producers and ranges from local Veneto vineyards to international brands, the menu is sumptuous and allows guests to enjoy their perfect Italian party. Located in the splendid setting of the Pedemontana Veneta, near the beautiful historical towns of Bassano del Grappa and Asolo, Chat Qui Rit combines with exquisite dishes and exceptional hospitality to create an unforgettable Italian dining experience. We profile the establishment to gain an insight into how it draws guests from far and wide to sample its delicious menu and welcoming hospitality. Chat Qui Rit Di Zago Fabrizia Best Seafood Restaurant 2019 - Treviso Province & Culinary Excellence Award - Treviso Province By specialising in fish dishes Chat Qui Rit is able to offer exceptional cooking and delicious fresh dishes to its guests. Fresh, local fish and seafood is expertly prepared by the dedicated staff, who understand the importance of flavour and skill to create a sumptuous dish. The team take fresh fish, shellfish and molluscs from Chioggia and from Scardovari (in delta of the Po), but also the best oysters from France and Ireland. The menu is often variable just to offer customers seasonal and fresh products. Seeking to build upon its reputation for excellence, Chat Qui Rit has a bright future ahead of it as the eatery continues to innovate and adapt its menu whilst at the same time continuing to offer diners the same exceptional standard of cooking that they have come to expect. Company: Chat Qui Rit Di Zago Fabrizia Name: Fabrizia Zago Address: Via Molinetto 136, 31030 Borso del Grappa (TV) Telephone Number: +390423561405 Web Address: