LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 9 are all available on the Lost in Amsterdam online store. Lost in Amsterdam is also making an effort to reduce plastic usage, trialing biodegradable straws and recycling all plastics. Even the dishes are washed by hand as opposed to a machine, showing their ongoing commitment to the environment. Aside from the aesthetics, it’s the people who really give Lost in Amsterdam the incomparable energy it is famous for. The girls of Lost in Amsterdam attend regular meetings to understand the bars mission; to ensure every guest feels at home and takes away an unforgettable experience from their visit. Warm welcomes and friendly staff are inherent to the Lost in Amsterdam Lounge - all the staff make a conscious effort to interact with guests for an experience tailored to you personally - plus they have fun whilst doing it! This only adds to the special homely vibe Lost in Amsterdam cultivates - making it the perfect place to relax, with a joint in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Visitors from all over the world gather in the multi-layered lounge, often coming together on the cosy couches over a delicious hookah pipe. This makes every visit just as unique and exciting as the last - boring is never a word used to describe the Lost in Amsterdam Lounge! Live DJs play world-class club music from the impressive decks behind the bar - further immersing you in Lost in Amsterdams kushy, mesmerising atmosphere. For special occasions such as Christmas, New Years and of course, Holland’s favourite Kings Day, there’s no where else to be but Lost in Amsterdam. They certainly do not hold back on festivities, holding special events, hosting guest DJs and decking the bar out from floor to ceiling with incredible decorations that will be sure to get you in the spirit to celebrate. This friendly, cosy yet enticing ambience Lost in Amsterdam has worked so hard to create is ultimately one that is hard to beat. It’s dedication not only to maintain, but also to continuously improve this vibe is why guests from all around the world keep returning to Lost in Amsterdam. No other smoking lounge in this key tourist destination offers quite the same award-winning experience. So come and get lost deep inside the world of Lost in Amsterdam, but be warned - you might never want to leave! Company: Lost in Amsterdam Address: Nieuwendijk 19 A Telephone Number: +31621400000 Web Address: