Restaurant & Bar Awards 2020

Page 10 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2020 You may consider London as something akin to a hybrid, combining ancient history with cutting edge modernity. Similarly, there are experiences that can be enjoyed by all walks of life, and there are experiences that can be considered, truly, luxurious – a treat. A rarity. In many ways, London is two sides of the same coin. And there’s a third side. Something that simply goes beyond the expected, pushes boundaries and distinguishes itself as, singularly, one of a kind. Sunborn is one of these experiences. A deluxe hotel-yacht hosted in the Royal Victoria Docks, Sunborn is a sophisticated setting that promises ‘different’ from the outset. Its sleek alabaster façade is certainly different from the brickwork, concrete and grey steel of other restaurants in the region, with the clean lines continued – mostly- throughout. In some ways, Sunborn very much reflects the city’s hybridisation – combining a sort of effortless art deco call back to London’s storied past alongside more modern furnishings that embody a 21st century fascination with elegant minimalism. Sunborn balances them perfectly, combining colour themes and motifs that carry through the establishment and unite it under one tantalising vision. Ultimately, there’s something innately captivating about Sunborn that goes beyond the visual, and that’s to say nothing about the gastronomical offerings. The Sunborn London certainly provides an entirely different experience to what many expect when you think of the city. Located in the peerless Royal Victoria Docks, this super yacht makes for a cutting silhouette against the backdrop of the city’s skyline, promising an unforgettable event to all those who step aboard. We spoke with Sunborn’s General Manager, Arun Kumar, to discover more of its delights. Sunborn London Most Unique Luxury Dining Experience – London Here, Arun starts by discussing Sunborn’s dining rooms, and the establishment’s greater focus on exquisite food experiences that satiate every palette and preference. “At Sunborn we have always taken pride in our food and drink. Our fourth-deck dining room – Lands’ End- has sweeping floor to ceiling windows looking over the city skyline, which lights up as night falls. The first-floor bar area also has a vast deck for summer sundowners. “Our head chef uses only the very finest in seasonal produce, locally sourced where possible. Moreover, our chefs take particularly pride in always being at the forefront of food trends, creating innovative menus to suit all tastes. Consider, for example, the recent trend towards veganism. As it gains momentum, we are adapting our menus accordingly to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy, whilst not lacking the ingredients, flavours and techniques enjoyed by other menu options. At the end of the day, we want everyone to have an equally exquisite experience at Lands End restaurant.” While Sunborn is a luxurious, modern fixture in a historic setting, its food can be considered exclusively contemporary. Our Head Chef has a talent for effortlessly combining inspirations from across the culinary world, as Arun describes in detail. “Our chef is such a passionate individual when it comes to his ingredients and dishes. He is known for constructing dishes which