Restaurant & Bar Awards 2020

Page 12 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2020 Truly luxurious and exemplary food requires more of a chef than a steady hand and a creative mind. Very often, it requires a passion; a desire to see the food come to life on the plate and in the mouths of those paying to eat it. That soul and that energy that a chef pours into their food can culminate into anything, whether it an explosion of powerful, aromatic, spicy flavour, or a gentle soothing dessert that melts in the mouth. European, Spanish, and Mediterranean cuisine encapsulates all of this, from the passion of the chef to the mastery over the flavours on the finished plate. That is what Voramar Restaurant is all about, bringing those exquisite flavours from all over the country and the continent direct to its guests. As if that wasn’t enough, it does it in one of the most stunning locations that the Balearic Islands has to offer. Hidden away from the rest of the world, guests can escape into Voramar Restaurant with its large, open windows beckoning them to admire the beauty of the sea. For those who wish to get a little closer to the ocean herself, the large terrace offers views unlike any other across the Mediterranean. The summer months provide spectacular sunsets off the western coast, and there are few things more luxurious in life that sipping on a refreshing cocktail, eating a delicious meal, and watching the sun go down. As for the food itself, it is a veritable cornucopia of incredible tastes and flavours, made all the more sweet-tasting by the luxurious location. On the far western coast of the island of Menorca lies one of its most beautiful hidden gems. A hideaway, far from the world, where guests can be intimate and personal together over a plate of mouth- watering food, gazing at the sun setting softly beneath the Balearic Sea. Voramar Restaurant is that hidden gem, offering experiences of the highest luxury within the restaurant and bar world. Join us, as we dive into why this is a must-visit for anyone visiting the island of Menorca. VORAMAR Restaurant Best Creative Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant 2020 - Menorca Using only the finest and masterful ingredients, the chef at Voramar Restaurant takes pride in each and every one of his seasonally-created dishes. Whilst each dish is designed seasonally and covers a wide range of cultures across Europe and the Mediterranean, there is an undeniably strong presence of local produce in everything cooked. The gastronomic offer of Voramar Restaurant includes home-grown vegetables and fruits, paired expertly with locally-bought meat and fish, such as shrimp and lobster. Rather than simply offer a menu of food that is delicious, Voramar Restaurant has always set itself apart by dedicating itself wholly to an audience that demands good food. Luxurious tastes from local produce; food that constantly hits every single flavour perfectly and rises into this crescendo of taste that demands rapturous applause. As with any field, there are always changes going on in the world of food. New flavours and new dishes come together, and the chef has new ideas for dishes that could take the world by storm. Since 2017, Voramar Restaurant has indulged in those changes to ensure that the menu stays fresh. There is always a reason to return to this haven of heavenly cuisine, whether it be the ever- changing menu or the stunning sunsets. Good food is often so much more than that. Properly cooked, luxurious food has the power to connect, to inspire, to remind, to anticipate, to comfort, to relax, to excite, and so much more. The divine dishes on offer at Voramar Restaurant accomplish all of this, serving to create memories that last a lifetime, and beyond. If you’re holidaying in Menorca, this exquisite little sanctuary of sun and stunning food begs a visit. Company: VORAMAR Restaurant Contact: Antonio Marqués Website: