Restaurant & Bar Awards 2021

Page 26 LUX 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards Determined to bring the authentic tastes of Mexican cuisine to the U.S, and more specifically, to Herriman, Utah, the Tapia Family began their culinary enterprise in their own home, utilizing the wisdom that had been passed down to them from their parents, who had formerly been restauranteurs, to perfect tasty dishes served from their garage. Dozens of customers would visit every day to get their fix of genuine Mexican food that tasted as fresh as if it had come straight from the streets of Mexico City, growing into a loyal clientele that would enable the family to launch its own successful restaurant. Consequently, in August 2020, La Garnacha opened its doors on Herriman Main Street to welcome the community of the town and surrounding regions of Riverton, South Jordan, Daybreak, West Jordan, West Valley and more. Customers who had fallen in love with the Tapia Family dishes many years before flocked to the brand-new establishment, bringing with them a crowd of new and curious diners, who were eager to sample an authentic taste of Mexico City. It was not long before La Garnacha well and truly established itself on the culinary landscape of Herriman as the ultimate destination for Mexican Street Food. A far cry from the Tex-Mex dishes that are so popular in the U.S and advertised as ‘Mexican’ cuisine, La Garnacha delivers the flavors, textures, and experience of genuine Mexico City street food that the Tapia Family has grown up with. Packed with familiar favorites such as Tacos, Quesadillas, Huaraches and Sopes, the La Garnacha menu also features lesser known dishes that truly encapsulate the culinary culture of Mexico City. Whether guests are looking for a simple lunch or a celebratory dining affair, La Garnacha’s extensive menu, that is complete with sweet Mexican desserts and drinks, offers something to tempt everyone. Created by the Tapia Family of Mexico City, La Garnacha is a proud culinary institution dedicated to delivering the authentic taste of Mexico to the community of Herriman, Utah. We take a closer look at La Garnacha as it celebrates success at the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2021. Mar21602 La Garnacha Best Mexican Street Food Restaurant - Utah While guests come from all over to enjoy the food, they stay for the wonderful ambience and service of La Garnacha. Specifically designed to capture the fun, bustling vibe of Mexico City in its look, smell, sound, and feel, the restaurant seeks to educate guests on the charm of Mexico City and its rich culture, as well as enabling friends and family of the Tapias to enjoy a taste of home, even when they are 2000 miles away. For guests seeking a space for a larger occasion, La Garnacha is able to offer the Bellas Artes Banquet Room, a simple and affordable but private and modern room that is able to host up to 35 people above the main restaurant. Guests can socialize and mingle while enjoying the delicious, high quality food of La Garnacha, which makes hosting an event easy so that guests can enjoy themselves, instead of worrying about logistics. Evidently, events are on pause for now, owing to the global pandemic, which has also seen dining in restaurants in sharp decline throughout the U.S over the last year. However, La Garnacha’s dining area and patio remain busy, having created a takeout and delivery service that ensures guests are still able to get a taste of Mexico City at home. The continued dedication to providing superior Mexican street food to the Herriman community in the midst of a global pandemic is just one example of the excellence of La Garnacha, that has earned it awards and acclaim in less than a year since its inception. Thus, as the Tapia Family celebrates the success of La Garnacha at the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2021, they thank the community that it has built around them for their love and support, and hope that in return they feel the love and care in every dish that they create for every valued customer of La Garnacha. Contact: Mac Tapia Company: La Garnacha Web Address: