Restaurant & Bar Awards 2021 Page 31 LUX 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards Morten Kro is a childhood dream come to life for owner Morten Nielsen. With an eye for detail and delectable dishes, he has built up a restaurant with a reputation for excellence. We take a closer look at what gastronomic delights he has brought to the table for the diners of Denmark, to understand the secret sauce of his incredible success. Morten’s Kro Restaurant & Suites Best Hotel Dining Experience - North Denmark Mar21369 When Morten Nielsen was eight, he opened his first inn. Yes, it was in his parent’s living room, and yes, the diners were friends and neighbours, but this early passion for culinary expertise never really went away. By 1996, he won the title of Chef of the Year in Denmark, and a year later was able to open his own restaurant. Unlike his familiar childhood inn, Morton’s Kro was open to the public, but a desire to go above and beyond, to offer comfort and hospitality of the highest order, remained from those early days. In the city of Aalborg, the name of Morton’s Kro has become a symbol for food of the finest calibre, and this reputation has spread not just across Denmark, but around the world. In the last twelve years, the strength of Morton’s Kro has been rewarded by a recognition of Danish gastronomic talents. Foodies from all over the world have been draw in by what the region has to offer, and Morton’s Kro is a key part of that. Stepping into this delightful restaurant reveals a personal and unique approach to the fine dining experience. With a unique mix of Scandinavian and Danish designers represented, there’s something for everyone within these hallow walls before the food even touches the plate. When the food does arrive, it blows away all expectations. Delicately prepared by expert chefs, Morton’s Kro pushes into new areas when it comes to ensuring its customers are wowed. Many staff have worked internationally, always in establishments that have a commitment to the ultimate in luxury service. That’s what the team are always trying to deliver, and that’s certainly where they have succeeded. The reputation of Morton’s Kro goes beyond the delectable food, and inspires those who work there. Many decide to settle after learning more about international cuisine because the environment for staff is so friendly. With an approach that embraces evolution, the team never get bored with their work and are always looking for new ideas that can improve the fine dining experience. Staff turnover is incredibly low as a result, ensuring that menus and products remain at a consistent standard. 2020 proved an odd year for the team as travel of all sort was severely limited, but this has been countered by an increased desire for the purest luxury. That’s a service that the team at Morton’s Kro will be able to deliver upon in spades. As the firm starts to reopen, they have undertaken renovation of some of the restaurant, as well as opening two new suites within the hotel. These are the sky suite with an outdoor spa and the master suite with an indoor spa. Each is large, luxurious and with a style that is utterly inimitable. Part of the joy behind Morton’s Kro is its genuine commitment to quality in all respects. It means that their meals are without parallel and their dishes beyond comparison. What started out as a dream in a humble living room has burst into glorious reality, thanks to hard work and dedication from all involved. Company: Morten’s Kro Restaurant & Suites Name: Morten Nielsen Email: [email protected]