Restaurant & Bar Awards 2021 Page 33 LUX 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards In 2012, Rock Salt Restaurant’s humble journey stemmed from a life-changing trip from Malaysia to the mystical land of Mongolia. It was an immersive experience that touched the restaurant founders’ hearts like no other; they discovered the most exceptional, authentic taste of Mongolian cuisine and were warmly greeted by friendly, genuine people. Rock Salt Restaurant Best Upscale Western Fusion Cuisine Restaurant - Malaysia Apr21058 Inspired by the Mongolian food culture and hospitality, Rock Salt was born in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar and brought to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where it became one of the first restaurants in the city to serve traditional Mongolian cuisines. Not only this, but the restaurant also offers a range of European, as well as protein-based dishes featuring beef, lamb, chicken and seafood. Combining both Asian and Western cooking styles and dishes, Rock Salt uses only the freshest and finest ingredients which are constantly being reviewed and improved, offering customers an array of delicious cuisines to suit their palate and excite their tastebuds. To enhance the flavour and add healthy minerals to each dish, the chefs season food with their (not so) secret ingredient, Himalayan rock salt, and some dishes, such as those with meat and fish, are even served to customers on salt blocks, resulting in a more flavoursome experience. Not only is rock salt used in the food, but more than half of the restaurant dining area wall has been covered in it, giving space a calming aura. This is accompanied by tables made of onyx marble, as well as a teak wood VIP table which is constantly occupied, and the most comfortable chairs, with the gentle touch of starlight-themed romantic lighting, all to give diners time to relax while they enjoy their food. The restaurant has a tremendous focus on the customer experience and is very fair in terms of providing value by keeping profit as low as it is willing so it can offer the best possible quality to customers. Its strategy is simply to serve really good food with no reduction in portion, deploying cost cutting by reducing wastages and paying suppliers fast, thus building long-term trust and receiving competitive costs. Rock Salt also believes in building relationships among staff and customers, making everyone feel welcome, with the restaurant team knowing most customers by name and taking the time to explore the menu with them when required. Every team member is passionate about providing top service and treats each customer like a friend or family member. In order to constantly ensure it is providing the best service, the team meets once a month to identify and discuss areas for improvement. Alongside this, the happiness of staff is a priority; Rock Salt is possibly the only restaurant that practices profit sharing with staff, probably making its team the highest paid restaurant staff on average. This motivates each team member to do their best and keeps them all happy in their workplace, which customers dining at the restaurant can sense, therefore creating an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Staff and customers alike want to continue seeing Rock Salt flourish. With its expanding menu’s most recent addition being Kobe A5 along with more Mongolian dishes, it plans to add aged beef next, and is planning to improve its pastry, while also looking forward to installing a premium charcoal oven in its kitchen. The restaurant’s love for serving only the finest food and providing diners with the most memorable experiences leaves them wanting to come back for more, and with plans to review the requirements for Michelin Star, it can only expect to keep growing. Company: Rock Salt Restaurant Contact: Tony Lim Choong Kian Website: