Restaurant & Bar Awards 2021

Page 4 LUX 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards Goya Bistro was a truly unique business for its region when it was founded, the first Thai Bistro to open in the Northwest. This is a title it has used to propel it to the forefront of the hospitality and food service industry, cornering that gap in the market to serve authentic Chiangmai good and classic Thai dishes. The small home catering feel of it and the excellence of the food and service is what has many customers coming back time and time again, and what has made it a favourite in its local area. Furthermore, it was created off the basis of passion for what it serves. The founder, Goya Griffiths, launched the business in 2015, inspired by her upbringing. Throughout her childhood in Chiangmai, her Grandmother showed her how much cooking was instrumental in serving the community, and that for a community to flourish, food was one of the integral building blocks. When her Grandmother would cook for the local area she would often be serving food for over 100 people at once, and it was she who taught Goya her love of cuisine. An inspiration and a mentor to Goya, her Grandmother’s influence is still present in the heart put into Goya Thai Bistro’s dishes to this day. Bolstered by the founder’s own experience with cooking that was learned from a young age and developed as she grew, the Bistro got off to a flying start, and in 2019 it went through a rebrand. Initially, the restaurant was named the Chiangmai bistro, after the city in the north of Thailand that is also known as the ‘Rose of the North’, but it was changed to Goya Thai Bistro. This also came with redevelopments and redesigns of the seating area and establishment, as Goya Thai will never settle for second best, always striving to be at the top of its game. Despite the alterations that have been made Opening in an area bereft of any businesses like it, Goya Thai Bistro is a one of kind restaurant with a familial attitude and a drive for excellence. Believing in the synergy between tradition and modernity, this restaurant is eager to provide authentic cuisine with a fresh and contemporary twist. Mar21485 Goya Thai Bistro Best Thai Dining Experience - Merseyside throughout the years, the core of its business has not changed; the founder is still fuelled by the drive to share exemplary Thai dishes with the region of Merseyside, empowered by her Grandmother’s teachings. The mission of Goya Bistro has also remained a constant. Since its founding, its driving goal has been to bring an authentic Thai culinary experience to an area that was sorely lacking in exposure to this. It has come leaps and bounds towards this goal, consistent in its ambition to keep pushing it forward, achieving it further with every customer who walks through its doors. Therefore, it puts a lot of